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Wayne Cunnington

First Dose of Astrazencia on 02/22/21 Lot #ABOO12

United Kingdom

50 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I was a very healthy 50 year old who worked out at the gym a lot, loved walking and running and worked far too much but I was also very happy doing so as I enjoyed my job.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

After an hour or so I had the usual achey arm and a bit of a headache, nothing too bad I thought. Sadly within a few hours it progressed to full migraine type, extremely high temp that I was delirious and I couldn’t thought process at all and spent the next few days in bed. I had constant headaches and dizziness for the next 2 weeks with an added feeling of confusion and disorientation appearing. I finally got to see a dr 2 weeks to the day I’d had my AZ jab after speaking to a doctor every few days saying I really didn’t feel well but was repeatedly told it was just normal side effects. I was then was rushed to hospital as I had slurred speech, blurred vision, struggled to walk and was mentally confused. A few days leading up to this I’d lost awareness of how serious my condition was else I’d have gone to the emergency room myself.

Q; What is your life like after you got the vaccine?

I suffered from headaches, tiredness, brain fog, dizziness so I walked with a stick for many months to help stabilise myself. I couldn’t work, do sports, or enjoy anything anymore so that I felt so alone and depressed.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

Whilst in hospital for 11 days I had Cat Scans, MRI’s, Ophthalmic Scans and a Lumber puncture. The MRI’s indicated that MS and/or Dementia were likely in my future from the white shadowing to my frontal lobes.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

My doctor and hospital consultants all stated that my case was being reported to the U.K. Yellow Card reporting system but I later did this myself because of the changing narrative by medical people. I also reported direct to AstraZeneca also and initially thought it would help but they proved to just waste my time sadly and they’ve not been very helpful at all.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

The jab gave me a new side effect of high blood pressure and I’m on a lot of medications to control the hypertension it’s given me. I had a new MRI 5 months after the jab which showed a breakdown of the shadowing to a more migrainal image I was told. Changing my diet and taking supplements helped improve my health but I never really saw a major improvement with my side effects. Through talking to an amazing community on social media it put me in touch with some amazing people and helped me learn I wasn’t alone and start looking to treatments that could possibly help. Over a few months I heard of many others who found some amazing positive reactions to ivermectin and so in desperation I started taking some and found a dramatic improvement within just hours. I was far from cured but the major improvements I was experiencing spurred me on so much I was able to return to work part time and start exercising again a couple of times a week nearly 8 months after thinking my life would never return to normal.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

It’s now 9 months since my AZ vaccine and the date is 21/11/21. I just want people to know that there is hope if you too have been hurt by your vaccine. Nothing is guaranteed as to the length of time of recovery or extent of it but that there’s a chance that one day you’ll get back there. I never knew of the risks associated with having something that my government and msm told me was safe and that I needed for my country to return to normal but all I’ll say is please research possible risks first and weigh it up against any underlying health issues you may have.



I'm so glad you've found some relief with Ivermectin and are able to exercise and return to work! Such an isolating experience; thank you for sharing so that others don't feel so alone in what they're going through.


I send you my prayers. There is hope. Thanks for sharing your story.


Unknown member
Nov 29, 2021

Tough ride! Thank you for speaking out. I'm glad ivermectin has pepped you up.

I also reported direct to AstraZeneca also and initially thought it would help but they proved to just waste my time sadly and they’ve not been very helpful at all.

As one would expect of a criminal enterprise. These corrupt criminals should never be trusted with anything, let alone product trials!! Example case to research > Brianne Dressen, accumulated more than $250,000 in medical bills after participating in AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine clinical trial. Her case was not properly included in the "trial" outcome. A similar thing with teen Maddie De Garay vs the teen Pfizer trial. Total corruption.

Take care Wayne. I hope for improvement with…


Joe Serianz
Joe Serianz
Nov 29, 2021

Thank you for your post. I have heard of many people finding relief with Ivermectin and am glad that it's helped you.