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About Us


"Our government asked us to do our part to stop the virus. We thought we were doing the right thing. Now we are injured, many severely. We are hurting, in pain, and losing our jobs. We are demanding our government do the right thing by acknowledging our injuries, as well as establish compensation for the tens of thousands who have been injured or have died."



We are a completely independent, grass-roots movement comprised of thousands of people who have become united through our human suffering. This is not political. We are NOT here to debate the vaccine program or masks. Many of us have lost loved ones to covid, and take it seriously.  We aim to gain quality acknowledgment; leading to compensation for the injured, medical research and proper medical care.

We did what we thought was right and now we have been left out in the cold by the very same government who urged us to get our doses.  This must change!

Everyone keeps telling us how rare we are. Everyone keeps saying the vaccines are safe and effective. Everyone keeps reminding us of how many people got the vaccine and are just fine. However, what "everyone says" does not change our reality or the fact that we still need acknowledgment, support, open discussion, research, and help. 


  1.  Our elected officials and federal health agencies must start acknowledging our adverse reactions to the vaccines.

  2. We need the government to establish compensation for the tens of thousands who have been injured or have died.

  3. The medical community needs to be informed of these adverse reactions so that we can obtain better medical care.

  4.  Large scale research needs to be funded - to increase understanding of these reactions, find a path to recovery, and to help make the vaccines safer for everyone. There is currently no safety net for those Americans injured.

  5.  Stop the censorship on social media. Our real life stories are being labeled as misinformation. We are NOT misinformation.

  6.  The public needs to stop labeling and putting us in a box.  We come from all walks of life, and are united in our suffering. Each individual who has been injured has unique and differing viewpoints on all subjects surrounding the pandemic. These viewpoints have no bearing on the reality that they are vaccine-injured and need help.  They are still fellow human beings who tried to do the right thing, and have been marginalized, abandoned and silenced. 


  • To raise awareness of the many vaccine injuries that are happening.

  • To create a community of support for the injured. No one should go through this alone!

  • To give a voice to those who have been silenced, and embolden them to speak out.

  • To advocate with our elected officials and medical community, in order to educate, spur research and affect change where needed. We encourage all of the injured to be involved with advocacy by providing the tools and resources they need.

  • To help change public perception. This is not red vs blue or us vs. them. This is humanity vs disease. #TeamHumanity

  • To help provide the injured with known resources as we discover them.

We believe where there is risk, there should be choice. 

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