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Toni Skala

First Dose of J&J on 03/11/2021 Lot #1805025


54 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Self employed of 35 years with 60 hour work weeks. Physically active with work and personal life. Self motivated do-it yourselfer with many future plans.

Q: Would you like to share your reason(s) for getting the vaccine?


Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

Self employed for 35 years with 10 years before planned retirement. My husband and I worked with thousands of students and educators each year, so we were added to the Covid immunization schedule with one of our long standing public school districts. The days following, I had a bad headache and muscle pain. Each day I was losing more and more control with pain, fatigue, tinnitus, electric shocks, difficulty breathing, no cause bruising, vasculitis, unstable walking, loss of bladder control, hands & feet neuropathy, upper right side pain, back pain, drenching sweats, etc. Week 4, I was out with husband as a passenger in car. I knew something was wrong and gave a warning notice that I was going to die. Next recall was awaking from unconscious to him clearing my mouth from vomit to start CPR roadside. Week 4 was 1 or 3 trips to the ER with 2nd being sent via ambulance from doctors office. My blood pressure was in crisis stage in the 200’s and my autonomic nervous system was totally out of control. This was the point when I wrote my obituary and my husband and I started making plans in case we were to loose one or the other. Chest wall pain was intense and I was no longer able to drive, grocery shop, or perform daily activities. I was given multiple medications and diagnosed with everything except vaccine adverse effect. I was gaslighted beyond my ability to comprehend why. The 2nd rheumatologist I saw wrote in my chart that we might be dealing with autoimmune phenomenon caused b the J & J vaccine. 2 weeks later, he was no longer practicing at the clinic. Over 15 months, I heard a gamut of reasons for my symptoms. Profuse sweating - “you’re about that age”. Difficulty catching breath “might be anxiety”. I finally saw a NP who prescribed low dose naltrexone along with many supplements. After 18 months, my BP and autonomic system feels back to normal. Still remaining is fatigue, weakness, tinnitus, new found allergies, hyper mobile, joint & muscle pain, hypothyroid and headaches. I still have a tender bruise spot on my leg that I’m self treating as a blood clot. Within 6 months post vaccine, we closed our business because of my health, sold our home, converted our business space into an in-law suite with no stairs, I have to limit physical activity to about 5 hours per day and I search daily for any new updated information on what might help me progress to better health. I have lost confidence in our government and medical system. Doctors have been silenced and lives lost. I have felt frustration in having to self treat and still suffering with limitations at the 2 year mark. I never would have guessed I’d ever get a tattoo in my lifetime, but figured this one would give some insight during my autopsy.

Q: Tell us about any tests, diagnoses, and/or Medical Care received:

Was given new found diagnose after vaccine of: essential hypertension, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, raynards, menopausal sweats, tachycardia, trigger fingers, tinnitus…just to name a few.

Q: Where has your reaction been reported, and what was the response?

Self reported to VAERS and Senator Ron Johnson.

Q: Are there any treatments that have helped or hurt your health?

Helped: Low dose Naltrexone, long term water fasting, infrared sauna, supplements.

Q: Have you had Covid before?

One year after Covid vaccine I got Covid. My body reverted back to week 4 of post vaccine reaction.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

Just say no

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I’m so sorry. It seems like more and more J&J people are surfacing. Have you signed the J&J paperwork for the lawsuit they are trying to start? Praying for you. I don’t have a tattoo but you have inspired me with yours

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