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Sam Clarke

First Dose of AstraZeneca on 03/01/2021 (corrected)

Second Dose of AstraZeneca on 05/10/2021

United Kingdom

54 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I was fit and active. Odd joint issues from gymnastics as a kid. Nothing serious. I spent 5 years doing a hobby from home that became my day job, restoring and customizing small dolls. I loved it and was very successful but since my vaccines haven’t been able to do that at all, as I can’t hold my hands steady.

Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

To travel. I was never anti-vax and was quite pleased when my sister got me an early jab date. I didn’t do social media much back then; so I didn’t have any concerns in taking it. Like many, I trusted what we were told.

No way would my government purposely push us to take a jab that wasn’t good for us! Or so I thought!

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I had my first jab the 1st of March 2021 with no issues at first. Then 8 days later I had the most excruciating pain in my neck, shoulder, and lower jaw on the left. My heart rate was also scary. I thought I had a trapped nerve. We have Bupa medical insurance, so I got an MRI on my neck. Unfortunately, it was inconclusive. I couldn’t use my arm much, just about could grip a steering wheel. The pain was the main issue.

As it was still impossible to see a doctor, I rang UK urgent care 111 daily - just crying in pain. I couldn’t sleep. I was given Gabapentin, amitriptyline and occasionally Diazepam. I couldn’t work or drive my car by the time April arrived, but still thought it was a trapped nerve. On the 8th of April, I called an ambulance, because I thought I was having a heart attack. My heart rate was so bad, and I felt like I was going to collapse. All was ok.

My second jab appointment came through for May 10th. I went as normal, as I still assumed it was a trapped nerve. Told them about my arm, and they asked if I’d prefer the jab in my other arm, but I said no. I didn’t want both arms out of action. Only 3 days after that jab is when things changed. Woke up feeling so hung over and sick, heart rate was awful again. Both hands were completely numb. Under my right armpit, it felt like someone was thumping me; an odd area I know. Like a bang bang banging of that muscle under there. It was very uncomfortable. As the days went on, all muscles and nerves twitched uncontrollably. I called Bupa again and ended up seeing a muscular skeletal specialist for approx 12 weeks physio. Again we thought trapped nerve. But I was starting to think otherwise as it had moved to the right of my body.

I was then sent to a rheumatologist who was very negative to me, and said there was no way it was from the jab. He was so pro-vaccine that he was quite dismissive to me. Told him I was also pro-vaccine, or I would not have had 2 of them, but this was more than coincidence, and not an old injury. As a former gymnast and pole dancer - they used that as the reason behind my condition. I’ve never had any problems, so for this to start so soon after the jabs, out of the blue, is not coincidental to me anymore.

I wrote to AZ who sent me a document to fill in. They wanted to know my experience, because they were collecting data from people like me. As I know now, it’s all a trial, and no study was previously done on the safety of the jab. That’s being done after the fact! I was then sent to an Orthopedic surgeon - as I was, by then, struggling to walk any distance. I’d fallen a few times while out shopping, and was having to come downstairs on my bum sometimes. I was told my hip joints were loose, but scans showed it was coming from the sacroiliac joint or the nerves in that area. I was then referred to a neurologist because the nerve twitching and muscle trembling was becoming so bad. I couldn’t grip a fork, hubby still cuts my food up sometimes, because I don’t have any strength in my left hand. I wake up and both arms and legs are numb. I have constant cramp in my legs, throbbing in my bum cheeks, and the worst thing now is occasional loss of bladder and bowel control!

Was sent for nerve mapping, and they found I have a form of Peripheral Neuropathy, Cramp Fasciculation, and Peripheral Nerve excitability Syndrome. I believe all have been triggered by the vaccine. Today I have filmed my muscles visibly twitching in both arms both hands and left thigh. I also have a new symptom - when I walk on carpet my feet feel like I’m walking on needles and sometimes it feels like hard pebbles. So I now have to go and have some small fiber testing on my feet. The sacroiliac pain is becoming excruciating again now so I’ve been referred back to the rheumatologist .

I’ve looked these up and all of them can be triggered by mRNA vaccines! But still nobody will acknowledge it! My neurologist did write in his letter that this started after taking the jabs, so they do have an inclination; but they are terrified of an influx of litigation, if they admit the jabs caused these things! It’s so so wrong. My sister has now been diagnosed with a front left temporal lobe meningioma! Because of that, I’ve been sent for a brain scan last Friday, again, they can be triggered by vaccines, or so I’ve read. I don’t know how true these things are. Some of her symptoms were similar to mine. The main issue I have is the fact people like me are considered collateral damage. As long as the majority are ok then my situation is just unfortunate! And it’s the attitude of ‘we know better’ and ‘ how dare you try to blame the vaccine’ and ‘oh it won’t be the jab ,you probably had covid and didn’t know, so it’s long covid!! No!! I didn’t have covid and not know! I had a jab that you absolutely know I had!! They gave me pregabalin and Sertraline. I won’t take them because I feel fobbed off. The depression has come because of my situation. It’s affected my entire life! People need to be aware and need to keep sharing and not being fobbed off .

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

I reported it to AZ and to the yellow card website. AZ sent me a document to fill in. I've had no contact from anyone else and all professionals seem to want to blame other things but I'm not letting it lie. I was fine before the jabs.

Q: Have you had Covid before?

I had covid in March of 2022 and was just like a cold.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I’d just like them to acknowledge that people like me are not lying about their experiences. People need to be given all information. They should not be telling people that the jab is saving more lives from covid than it’s killing or maiming - because they don’t know if that’s true or not yet.

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Andrew Lugo
Andrew Lugo
Dec 22, 2022


Andrew Lugo
Andrew Lugo
Dec 21, 2022

God picked us to expose the truth. We are the Stubborn Warriors. I'm so sorry this happened to all of us. Be a warrior sister. I will pray for you and all. Divine intervention is coming.

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Thankyou x


Hi Sam,

How are you doing today?

I came across this excellent interview with Tess Lawrie and another Doctor in England. They discuss restoring health after chronic illness. I am sure much of what she says will benefit you. You mayeven be able to see her.

All the best!

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Hi Sam. Have a good day! Hope you are doing better day by.😊


Check out QHHT. It’s the only thing I’ve heard that can completely eliminate the vaccine and bring the person back to normal.

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Can't ever eliminate genetic editing I'm afraid...


‘we know better’ and ‘ how dare you try to blame the vaccine’ and ‘oh it won’t be the jab ,you probably had covid and didn’t know, so it’s long covid!!

Add the ironic "I believe in science" to this insane never ending mess. Orthodox western medicine is rife with arrogance. It is a constant over the centuries. Orthodox western medicine is also subject to relentless propaganda, and too many doctors can't tell what is actually going on. Close enough to all of the Children's Health Defense interviews and shows are well worth the listen. The weekly FLCCC shows on Odysee are a must listen too. I hope you heal Sam.

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Thank you