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Natalie St. Louis

First Dose of Pfizer 06/17/21 Lot FA9093

Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Working at a full-time rewarding and demanding job, 40+ hours per week, exercising, walking dogs, joyful, socializing with others, enjoyed many activities.

Q:What is your life like after you got the vaccine?

Listless, terrified, limited social contact, cannot work, financial worries, afraid for the future as to where this is all going, chronic pain, unimaginable exhaustion, disconnection from the world.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

History of shingles 20 yrs. ago left ear, face; completely resolved. I ate almost vegan prior to this, exercise, demanding full time job for 24 yrs. which I was able to do well, no health concerns at all. Doctor advised healthy and I enjoyed a healthy lifestyle.

*Pfizer on June 17, right arm

*My life has drastically changed

*Felt sick for three days

*Fourth day strange sensations from below knee to above ankle on both legs, felt like things “whirling underneath my skin”, right-hand red, swollen, hot

*Next day hands and feet tingling, numbness, sensitivity to hot and cold

*Called nursing medical help lines here in my city

*Nurses on telephone help line advised not from Pfizer as three days had passed

*Advised me to see a Dr., I Went to medi center; advised not from Pfizer, encouraged to get second shot, did a battery of blood test, heart test, urine test; advised everything normal and I was advised that these symptoms are caused due to stress and anxiety and will subside in two-weeks. *Went to Emergency Department shortly after situation so bad – waited 8 hours to see a doctor

*Advised by Emergency Physician that these symptoms not from Pfizer, did a brain scan – ruled out brain tumour – made referral to neurologist, blood pressure about 211/110

*Found family physician

*Unable to work *Referral to Internal Medicine Specialist for blood pressure, 24 hour blood pressure monitor

*Waiting for referral, situation getting worse and considering suicide

*Like electric lightening bolts throughout my limbs

*So sick cannot function; like weird flu – test for Covid is negative

*Cannot eat, diarrhea, lost 24 lbs.

*July 12th, tinnitus started 27/7 like changing radio stations I left ear

*Internal Medicine Specialist advises blood pressure not connected to Pfizer, suggests psychologist or psychiatric referral – Specialist heavily encouraged me to get a second shot.

*Appointment with neurologist – advises from neurological standpoint nothing wrong with me as there is NO INFLAMATION in blood or urine – asks me if I am under stress and if there are problems at work or at home perhaps causing these symptoms – neurologist heavily encourages me to get a second shot

*August, back at emergency hospital again as so shaky cannot lift light item out of fridge; no inflammation – Emergency doctor heavily encourages me to self refer to mental health supports due to anxiety and tearfulness

*Ongoing deep pain in left sole of foot, in October – deep pain like pokers going through both soles of feet begins *Awoken at night as deep pain muscle so bad

*Pain has started in palms of hands; pain across joints of hands, cannot use hands for extended periods of time as they fatigue

*Fatigue and muscle fatigue so bad cannot function

*Internal Medicine Specialist has put me on powerful blood pressure medication; encourages me to get a second shot (November - this is the third blood pressure medication they have tried)

*At this point I continue to have fatigue so bad cannot function, tinnitus 24/7, blips of nerve sensations all over body and on face as well, twitching of muscles all over body. Feeling that the tissue on my face go “numb” and taut , tissue on soles of hands and palms of feet goes taut

*Trying to hang in there

*The vaccine is mandatory for my employment (or rapid testing at employee's own cost), I am too sick to work even one hour at this point - I will not be taking any more vaccines ever again.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any

diagnoses you have received:

Out of numerous physicians at different levels, no one has reported the symptoms. I was treated like I was suffering from mental illness and the physical symptoms appear to be dismissed. No accurate reporting of how symptoms are connected to Pfizer shot on even one occasion. No treatment offered outside of blood pressure pills and referral to a Psychologist and Psychiatrist - anxiety medication. I do not have a familuial history of anxiety or depression and I have not had any struggles with anxiety or depression prior to the physical symptoms which occurred four days after the Pfizer shot.

Q;Where has your reaction been reported, and what was the


(3x)Nurses a few days after the shot on three separate occasions, (2x) medi center doctor after the shot, numerous times to Primary Care Physician, (3x) Internal Medicine Specialist, 2 separate Emergency Room Physicians, 1 time - Neurologist.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

The electric bolt nerve sensations through my limbs are not present to the same intensity as they were before.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I am appalled at the lack of information related to dangerous side effects and lack of informed consent procedures. I am appalled and horrified at the medical communities lack of ethics and how medical professionals continue to encourage these shots. My viewpoint of the world we live in has been forever altered.

#WeWantToBeHeard #RealNotRare