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Michael Patton

First Dose of Pfizer on 09/01/21

Second Dose of Pfizer on 09/22/21

Ontario, Canada

35 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I was running my own business, often working 7 days a week. I was in peak physical health, going to the gym 3-4 times a week, and full of energy.

Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

I only got it because the government was threatening to take away the rights of anyone who refused. I wasn't really opposed to getting it, I just didn't think it was necessary. Now I wish I hadn't.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

A few days after the first dose, I developed many unfavorable symptoms. Migraines, nausea and diarrhea, brain fog, memory loss, dizziness/vertigo, excruciating muscle spasms, heart palpitations, and a constant feeling of complete exhaustion. I got it just before my 35th birthday. I spent that birthday suffering in bed. I could no longer work, and I could barely even get out of bed. Just walking up the stairs or cutting the lawn would put me down for hours. For the first couple of months, I slept probably 12-15 hours a day.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

A lot of the symptoms faded over the last 5 months, but the migraines, dizziness, brain fog, and heart palpitations have persisted. Just yesterday I had to leave work because my headache was so bad I couldn't even function.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I haven't been to the doctor. The vaccine has permanently tarnished my faith in the medical community. How could they recommend, let alone PUSH people to use such an unsafe vaccine?

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

I've only spoken about it to my family and friends, and on social media. Some people are supportive, but most either dismiss my reaction as "all in my head", or straight up ridicule me and call me a liar.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Not really, no. Time has improved the symptoms a bit.

Q: Have you had Covid before? What was your experience if so?

No I haven't

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I wish people knew how dangerous these so-called "vaccines" are. I wish the government would stop threatening to take away people's basic human rights if they don't feel the vaccine is a good choice for them.

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