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Kandy Bryson

First Dose of Moderna on 3/19/21 Lot #031A21A

Second Dose of Moderna on 4/20/21 Lot #045A21A


Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

To me I had the best of all worlds - I loved to play with my grand babies, help my husband with our farm and cows, and I loved to go to flea markets and redo my treasures I found. I could drive to the next state down to see my kids and grandkids. I loved to sew and make them outfits. We would go to the mountains and hike to see all the beauty. We had an empty nest and it was going to be 'us time' only. That isn't what happened because I become so sick I couldn't function most days from the adverse reactions. We were going to travel do the things we wanted to do. The kids were all grown and gone- it was supposed to be our time for us.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

(1st vac) I had vertigo and nausea covid arm. (2nd) I got vertigo tinnitus, brain fog, headaches, fatigue, 3D or stacked vision, pin and needles, pricks on my skin, swollen feet, finger tips and toes would turn white, cramps in toes, muscle soreness, muscle weakness, bruises would appear for no reason.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

I lost the best part of life - not being able to spend quality time with my husband, my kids or my grandkids. 3 days after (2nd) shot my husband had to come to the children's hospital to pick me up my grandaughter who was going to have surgery. I started to feel dizzy then the nausea started followed by a high pitched Eeeee sound in my ears. I then became stopped up and I could not hear hardly anything. The vertigo was so bad I couldn't stand up alone. I was confined to the house where some days I crawled to the bed or bathroom. I could no longer take care of my house or cook. Loud noises would hurt so bad. The vertigo let up after a while, but all the rest of the adverse reactions still have a hold on me. I feel like my life was snatched away from me because I wasn't informed that there could be adverse reactions. I spend my days trying to find medical help. I am heartbroken that the grandbabies I couldn't wait to play with and have adventures with, are now taken away from me and that time can never be replaced. My husband doesn't have the wife he had that helped on the farm or just brought lunch and rode with him on the tractor. We used to laugh so much - now I can't get on the tractor. We don't know when I will get dizzy and fall off and it hurts my ears. I miss our time of all our hopes and dreams. I don't feel like ME anymore. I struggle to not slide down the dark tunnel into depression because I can't keep up with friends and what we normally did. You get left alone with no invite. After a while my husband would work all day, come home see to the cows, and then cook for us, help me shower and do things I used to do without help. My body continuously hurts. The headaches are extreme. The brain fog is indescribable. The fatigue will beat you down till all you can do is cry. I cry a lot now because my life was taken away without a warning from anything or anyone. 8 months later it continues...

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

MRI, CTA ,blood samples , hearing tests, sonograms. 1 diagnosis off-target inflammation from the covid vaccine. 4 months later my ENT had to remove my thyroid because it had numerous nodules and some abnormal cells.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

CDC 1 call at 7 months to ask questions. I was told you have reported this already. I informed them I had and she said "well if you will stop sending them in we won't call anymore".

V safe - no contact

County health dept. - I was told they didn't have any complaints about the vaccine.

State health dept - my adverse reactions was added by them to my chart.

My GP thought I was nuts. He didn't believe me at all. He sent me to an ENT. He did tests and said it's off-target inflammation from the vaccine. I asked how we fix it and he said "I don't know, it might get better with time"

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Vertigo isn't everyday now but it can come out of nowhere and hit again. I haven't found anything that has helped overall.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I just wish information would have been transparent. There is no way someone didn't know there was adverse reactions, and that these reactions could take the very happiness out of your life. I want people to know this is not about anti-vax or political. This is about our group who was thrown away because we don't count. We're just casualties that were cast aside and no one helps or even believes us. I often wonder what they would think if it's their wife, husband, or child. Would we matter then? Would they be willing to listen and help us then? Please do your homework before you take this shot. You don't know who that you love, might end up like us.



it's literally the invasion of the body snatchers

i'm stunned at the level of denial of the medical industrial complex

someone must pay, and not the victims of this crime against humanity


I'm saddened by every single story. You are believed! I share these sites, your voices WILL be heard. Some folks post things that have helped them. Maybe some of their own options will help you some as well. I am saddened that the medical doctors and specialists have sold their souls along with the CDC, FDA and every other letter org they have out there. I pray for each and every one of you for God's healing hands to touch and mend each and every one that has been injured by this poison. God Bless you.


Story after story, I feel so angry for what people are experiencing after the jabs. I wish people had to read just 10 of these stories before they got a Covid vaccine. Would anyone want to risk these outcomes? I don't think many would. I'm so sorry you're facing these life altering side effects. Please hold onto the hope that your body will clear the spike protein and heal. There is still hope that doctors and scientists who are seeking truth will find answers. My prayers for a complete recovery to the life you once had.


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Nov 21, 2021

Thanks for sharing, and adding to many stories out there now that are hopefully serving to open people's eyes to the bigger picture.

"I don't know, it might get better with time"

Some honesty from the doctor.

I often wonder what they would think if it's their wife, husband, or child

This how many health professionals learn. On vaccine injuries, I've listened to hundreds of parents and many health professionals for around 10 years now. Due to the propaganda and censorship, it typically takes an injury to ones self or direct family members for much of the learning to happen. Now more adults are getting injured rather than children, so hopefully a more wider awareness happens. All this whilst Big…