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Crin Rutherford

Second Dose of Moderna in February of 2021

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I had lost 30lbs. Felt GREAT! Better than I had in years! I was able to stop taking blood pressure meds months before.

Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

I got the 2nd dose of Moderna in February 2021. Felt fine. Came home, ate dinner, started getting tired, went to bed. Drank tons of water after vax and before dinner, so at 4am I awoke needing to pee. I awoke feeling fine! Grateful I did not have any side effects! Went to bathroom, sat on toilet, lost vision, all I could see was a black and white spiral, and at same time a wave of nausea came over me. I thought, "Great, I'm gonna have the gastrointestinal side effect.". As soon as I thought that, my vision returns and nausea is gone. I said out loud, "Thank you Jesus for taking that from me.".

Walked over to the sink. Felt fine. Looked into the sink while turning the water on, there is the black and white spiral again with nausea. I looked up into the mirror, vision was normal and nausea had left. I said "Girl, you just need to go back to bed!".

Next thing I hear my husband screaming my name...over and over...and I think..."WHY IS HE SCREAMING MY NAME?? If I'm on his side of the bed, then just move me over...geez!". I opened my eyes and my hair dryer was in front of my nose, I thought "Why is my hair dryer in my bed??" Then husband says "Don't move!'. Then he tells me he heard me fall on floor of bathroom. He checks for bleeding, broken arms, legs, checks pupils, gently rolls me onto my back, and at the same time I start shaking all over and cannot speak properly... but he can understand what I am trying to say, and I totally comprehend him. He checks my blood pressure, and it was so low the machine would not register it. Then all of a sudden my teeth start clacking together along with the convulsions and shakes. He takes my temp it is 103.4... I did not have chills or a fever when I went to bathroom. Blood pressure finally registered but extremely low. He got me to bed, and I continued with a fever, chills, and convulsions through Wednesday. We both thought this all was just a normal side effect of the vax.

My primary was called on Monday, the next day. He said x-rays were needed, but due to COVID I could not get in anywhere with a fever. That Thursday, I had zero fever but felt horribly weak. Got x-rays and an MRI without contrast, all were good. Was told to just go home, drink fluids and rest. Friday I still could not sit up without wanting to pass out. Saturday same, and my RN friend took me to get fluids, thinking I might be dehydrated.

Vitals are great. Nurse goes to get IV pole, and I started the convulsions/shakes again with impaired speech. 911 was called. I was admitted to the hospital. Dr. at hospital was wonderful. He hypothesized that my body could not handle all the inflammation from vax. He said it would take awhile for my body to get back to normal. I was discharged on March 3rd, 2021.

I followed up with the Neurologist who said I had FND (which was a misdiagnosis, but I didn't know that at the time). They told me to just take time to let my body heal. Get rest, and go see a mental health counselor.

Mental health person said I needed to see another Neurologist in town for possible TMS therapy. I went, and he did a 3 day EEG with heart monitor. And also a BRAIN MRI WITH contrast. All was ok, except MRI shows 2 silent strokes at top of cerebellum!! So it was NOT FND! He repeats scan to insure it was not a shadow.

2nd MRI confirms the 1st. He puts me on 81mg aspirin, and has me come back in 6 weeks to do more tests.

I go back and this MRI 6 weeks later shows a brain abnormality in another area of my brain. They sent me for a CT scan to see if it was an aneurysm. It was not. However, it was a 3rd silent stroke! He now sends me to Cardiologist for a TEE test and placement for a Loop recorder. My blood pressure will not get regulated since I passed out, and I still have these shaking/convulsions with speech impairment. And I have now developed an ataxia gait with those episodes. I have not worked since February 2021.

My life is not the same.

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You have had a terrible experience and I am sorry for you and your husband as this has clearly been, and continues to be, traumatic. I am a bit tired of unvaxxed people constantly attacking the vaccine damaged on this site for taking the shot or for brushing off extreme symptoms. We were lucky we could see through the lies early and by the grace of God didn't take the shots, but it is rude and unhelpful to attack people about their beliefs at the time; people who are now suffering. The people who took the vaccine are not the problem, it is the media, governments and medical industry who shoulder the full responsibility. EVERYONE on this site needs…

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This is precisely why we should all study Revelations with open minds and hearts to understand exactly what it is we are up against. Evil cannot MAKE you do anything. But it can use deception and trickery and mislead you if you are unaware of the nature of its operations and how they work.


Vivien Buckley
Vivien Buckley
29 août 2022

living nightmares are our shared experiences. It’s tragic. No, recognition from the medical community or governments. Don’t forget operation warp speed. Trump wanted the v’s out yesterday. Big pharma says ok but first sign the waiver absolving us of any responsibility. Done deal. Dream come true for big pharma. Big money, live human test subjects and no responsibility. They couldn’t have had a more perfect situation.


Only thing I can suggest is take Nattokinase ... aspirin does not handle bloot clots the same.

Nattokinase is known for treating existing blood clots.

Aspirin just attempts to prevent them.

TBH I take it on every covid episode just in case so too speak.


TheRealBrayo YT
TheRealBrayo YT
29 août 2022

Thank you for taking your time to share!