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Aimee Silver

First Dose of Moderna on 07/24/21

Phoenix, Arizona

Q: What percentage would you say you are at with your recovery?

I am fluctuating between 90 and 100% recovered.

Q: What were your main symptoms?

Full body painful neuropathy, needle stabbing sensations, sensations of thorns stuck in my skin, sensations of thorns traveling through my body and trying to push their way out through my skin, toxic burning sensations as if someone poured acid on my skin, extreme brain fog, dizziness and feeling out of it.

Q: Are there any specific tests that helped lead to a diagnosis?

All my tests came back normal or negative but I did have Lyme Disease 10 years ago and I had many of these symptoms back then so it's possible it got reactivated but we don't know for sure. There were similarities and differences.

Q: Are there any therapies or medications that helped?

HBOT cleared up my brain fog and healed my Lyme Disease 10 years ago. I did 40 sessions. For neuropathy I used the Quell 2.0 TENS device for 3 months which was a Godsend. Also long walks or long hikes, the longer I exercised the more my symptoms would supress.

Q: What solutions weren't helpful in your recovery?

Western Medicine, for me it was a complete waste of time. I declined all pain meds. Other therapies I tried but didn't personally help: Ozone sauna. Red light therapy, cryotherapy, infared sauna, photon genius, Reiki, massage, vitamin c iv, compression stockings,, chiropractor adjustment, acupuncture.

Q: Any other recommendations or successes you'd like to share?

I think for those with severe injuries: heart inflammation, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, any other joint or tissue inflammation, HBOT is a great treatment. Start a GoFundMe page and ask for help. It is an amazing healing therapy. It didn't help with my neuropathy but a TENS device can help with those symptoms. I used Quell 2.0 but there are many TENS units on the market and some doctors have advanced TENS units in their practice.

Q: Any encouraging words for other injured who are really struggling?

I personally believe our bodies are capable of healing. Never stop trying different therapies until you find what works for you. Don't let an MD tell you, you can't heal there are tons of success stories. Also, take a social media break and focus on other things in your life and things that bring you joy. I hope I've helped a bit. :)

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