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Aditi Bhargava, PhD

University of California, San Francisco

Dr. Aditi Bhargava is a Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Center for Reproductive Sciences at UCSF. She is a molecular biologist with research area spanning multiple stress-related diseases. Her research focuses on the role of stress hormones and their receptors in stress, inflammation, immune function, pain, metabolic syndrome, and the brain-gut axis with a focus on understanding how these processes differ in men and women. In 2013, UCSF filed a patent on her behalf for RNAi-based delivery platform for treatment of various diseases. She has published over 60 peer-reviewed research papers and several book chapters. She serves in several leadership roles on Scientific Society committees and at UCSF as well as on the Editorial Board of several scientific journals. She has been recognized with several awards including the New Investigator Award from the American Physiological Society, the FASEB MARC Mentor Award, and has been inducted as a Fellow of the American Gastroenterological Association.

Dr. Aditi's Capitol Speech Nov 2, 2021:

A Cautionary Message From Vaccine Advocates w/ Dr. Aditi Bhargava, Kyle Warner, and Brianne Dressen - Nov 24, 2021:

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