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Sean, 17 yrs old, In Loving Memory

Submitted by his father Dan Hartman

First Dose of Pfizer on 08/25/2021


17 yrs old

Q: What was Sean's life like before he got the vaccine?

Sean was a beautiful, humble young man, who loved life and his family. He also enjoyed movies and friends. Sean was incredibly passionate about hockey and played hockey his whole life.

Q: Would you like to share Sean's reason(s) for getting the vaccine?

To continue to play hockey

Q: What was Sean's reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

Sean died 33 days after his first Pfizer vaccine. He was perfectly healthy with no underlying conditions. Sean was found deceased on his bedroom floor. No cause of death was found.

Thank you so much to everyone who is helping me. Your kindness is so amazing, I can never thank you all enough. Sean was my only son, and it is so hard to wake up every day without him. 😭😭💔

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I can’t fathom how deeply wounded you are. Prayers to you and your family but many more prayers for your son in Heaven.


So sorry for your loss. I pray someday big pharma, Biden and Faucci will pay. I can’t imagine loosing my son. I will

Be praying for you!


I'm so sorry for your loss😪 what a tragedy. Thank you for your bravery in sharing this story. I hope that those responsible will be held to account someday soon. Absolutely heartbreaking🙏❤️


My condolences for the loss of your beautiful young son.


Sean Heltemes
Sean Heltemes
Jan 21, 2023

Im so sorry for your loss- we need to prosecute all these murderers to the fullest!

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