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Margaret Bunten, Flight Attendant

First Dose of Moderna 01/22/21 Lot #004M20A

Ft Worth, Texas

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Go,go,go! I was a Paramedic before becoming a Flight Attendant. Traveling, going out with friends all the time, family get togethers, I had a new fiancé, cooking, gardening making tables and doing dyi projects . A full life.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I had the first vaccine January 22nd 2021. Four days later my fiancé thought I was having a stroke, I steadily went down hill. I went to the ER . MRI’s were clear. The Dr said they couldn’t find anything wrong. They said to see a neurologist. My balance went downhill, my memory was shot , I kept falling I was shaking from head to toe, eventually my eyes & vision was shaking, people thought I was drunk when I was speaking , so I agreed to go to the hospital. They couldn’t find a clot. They set up an appointment with a Neurologist. I waited a month to get into the Neurologist. During this time, I went downhill. Every system was messed up. Walking, talking , seeing straight, standing up , thinking, body shaking and couldn’t hold things without dropping them. I went to the hospital again during that time. They couldn’t figure it out. I went from a fully functional Paramedic and Flight Attendant, to not being able to be left alone, drive, shower or any of my daily living activities. I had the Moderna One Shot. My neurologist said if I had another shot, I would be dead. The first Neurologist said I was an anti-vaxer, so I went to another Neurologist. My present Neurologist said he had no clue what to do , but he was going to try and help me. I was put on Gabapentin, IV steroids, then had a week of IVIG and I am still in Neuro-Therapy. He said it may have caused Guillain-Barré syndrome. I had a scan on my legs by a vascular surgeon and they found blood clots. That Doctor said he believes I had a lot of micro strokes. I’m still on blood thinners. He was not surprised when I told him my story as he found multiple blood clots in my right leg. I got the shot. I was an essential worker. My son and I have had all of our vaccines. My fiancé took me to another Neurologist. I was his first case. Now he has at least five other cases. There, I have met others like me! We had all felt scared to tell others, alone and terrified. I may not be able to work again. No one helps us. There is nowhere to turn. Not even social media. I’m better, but not back to where I was. I pray I get well. Now, five year old innocent children will be told to take this Vaccine. Parents are being blinded. I’m sure it has saved lives. But, get all the information out, so people can make informed decisions.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

I’m improving. Still can’t drive. My balance is so much better! I fell 30 times before I went to Neuro Therapy. I haven’t fallen in months. My brain still can’t remember, or grasp words. I’ll be driving soon. I cannot go back to work yet. I’m praying I can soon. My brain needs to function better to be able to work in emergency situations. But then again I don’t know if I’ll be able to go back to work because of the mandates. I cannot have the second vaccine.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I wish I had known the TRUE results of the vaccine trial, or trials. People that ended up like me during the trials were just simply taken out and their data was erased. There are thousands of people, hundreds of thousands of people like me. Many of them died. I wish the government would have been honest with us. They still are not acknowledging that anyone is having issues. Now they want to get these vaccines to little children. If you had a reaction, you are not alone. I remember feeling so lonely and that no one understood. Mental health is also a big part of this. Many suicides. If you can find someone, anyone that relates to your issues, talk to them, create a bond. Or call me! I will speak with you. (682)230-3257



Thank you for speaking out about this 🙏


Thank you for sharing your story, may the truth be brought to light and through your courage to share your story may others be encouraged to share theirs as well.


Nov 26, 2021

Thank you for sharing your story. Praying for healing. Sounds very similar to my symptoms after 1st and 2nd Moderna shot. I went from an active person to now having to walk with a cane due to balance issues and painful neuropathy. Have my follow up neurologist appt next month. He does feel my symptoms are from the vaccine.


Unknown member
Nov 24, 2021

You can't have the fox (Big Pharma) running the hen house (trials). Indeed, doctors on the whole are not capable of running unbiased trials. It is impossible to gain true data on the risk profile of these jabs, or vaccines for that matter. Holy syringe water can't be questioned.

Thanks for your story. These matter.


Thank you for speaking out, Margaret! We hear you and we are with you in our thoughts and prayers. Wishing you full recovery soon and sending love from New Zealand.

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