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Kristy Frymoyer

Dose of Johnson & Johnson on 10/25/21 Lot #1822811

Pine Grove, Pennsylvania

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I am a wife and mother of two kids. I am very active in my kids lives and like to scrapbook and go antiquing. No medical issues except for asthma.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

As soon as I got the shot I immediately felt it go from my arm to my chest, then through my sinuses and down my legs. I immediately felt like I was going to pass out. I felt weird the entire night. The next day on October 26th I had a headache and couldn’t see straight so I left work early and laid down. On October 27th I was woken by stabbing pain in my left leg, and as the night progressed I lost feeling in both my feet. I called my doctor when I woke up that morning and was told if I could walk, I’m good. Since that date I have had non-stop chest pains and numbness in both my feet and my hands. My doctor thinks the pharmacist hit the nerve in my arm because my arm swelled under my armpit really large, and my right arm went completely numb. I have frequent days where I am dizzy and can’t see straight for no reason. Not one doctor or ER report or cardiologist report states symptoms started after Covid vaccine, so my insurance has refused testing. No one can give me an answer to why my feet and hands are in pain all the time and why I am having boughts of dizziness and severe chest and arms pains.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

My life has been full of pain, laying around doing much of nothing. I work and try to make it through the day. I pop nerve pain pills and anti-inflammatory meds.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I have seen my PCP who said he thinks the pharmacist hit the nerve in my arm which is why the swelling and loss of feeling.

The cardiologist thinks it may be Costochondritis and to double the anti-inflammatory meds.

Went to the ER and they said every test was normal and they don’t know.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

Not one doctor has even reported any of my symptoms as Covid related despite me telling them it started right after the shot. And symptoms have been happening since.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

I am on Lyrica for the nerve pain in my feet and hands. With the dose I’m on I can still feel the throbbing in my feet but only the stabbing pain when it’s time for my next dose.

Meloxicam for the inflammation in my chest and arms. It helped my arms but not my chest.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I feel like I’m alone and no one will help me. I have two chronically I’ll children so I have been active in their healthcare. The difference I am seeing of how I’m being treated is so different than I saw all the years with my children. I walk out of the doctors with no answers. I walk out crying because what I’m going through is not normal and no one can figure it out.

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