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Tiffany Boersma

First Dose of Moderna on 01/21/21

Second Dose of Moderna on 02/19/21


36 yrs old

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Before I recived the vaccines, I was active. I hiked, worked out every day, and was able to keep a full time job with no issues. I could eat whatever I wanted and rarely saw a doctor. Maybe once per year. I only took a daily multivitamin and maybe an Advil every now and then.

Q: Would you like to share your reasons for getting vaccinated?

My employer.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I was hesitant to get the first dose, however my place of employment was recommending them and had stated that it would soon be a requirement. I went against my own intuition and went for my first dose. I noticed within 15 minutes I felt off. My head was fuzzy, and I felt like I was in a fog. I asked one of the nurses on site if this was typical, and she said yes. I went home that day feeling out of sorts but figured it was a typical reaction. I went about my life as usual but began noticing more fatigue than my usual. It was then time for my second dose.

I got my second dose on February 19th, 2001. Soon after my first dose, I began to experience severe pain in my arm, followed by more fatigue. I went home that day, and it was business as usual until 9pm that evening. I began to have horrible body pains, chills, headache, numbness in my legs, and fever. My legs hurt to the touch. I was nauseated and could not sleep. The next day was a little better, but I had no appetite. The following weeks, I would be plunged into neurologic symptoms, such as brain fog, tinnitus, confusion, balance issues, and then paresthesia in my legs and body. I would go on to develop POTS and kidney issues, and a laundry list of dozens of debilitating symptoms. I have spent thousands of dollars on my health in the last 19 months. I can no longer work as a psychotherapist, due to debilitating fatigue and cognitive issues. I'm fighting for my life, all while most of the medical community has ignored my plea for help.

I didn't have informed consent before receiving these vaccines. Nobody told me these were possible outcomes of getting vaccinated against Covid-19. Now I'm on the couch or in my bed 50 percent of the week, and doing basic daily tasks can be a challenge. Please share my story, in hopes it helps others out there struggling or questioning getting this vaccine.

Q: Tell us about any Tests, Diagnoses, and/or Medical Care:

I have had multiple CT scans, MRI scans, ultrasounds, hundreds of labs for various issues, upper endoscopy, and colonoscopy. EMG two different types, autonomic testing and Small Fiber Neuropathy punch biopsy testing.

Q: Where has your reaction been reported, and what was the response?

VAERS. No response yet.

Q: Tell us about any treatments that have helped or hurt your health:

I have tried various homeopathic remedies and biophysiotherapy, along with acupuncture, diet modifications, rest, NAC, detox supplements for kidney and liver support. I am currently on a protocol that includes Maraviroc, statins and Plavix to address deranged cytokines.

Q: Have you had Covid before?

I have not had Covid at this time.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I hope others do their own due diligence before taking these vaccines. There is not enough data to understand long term impacts on humans. Too many variables such as our genetics, underlying pathogens, immune systems, allergies etc. People should have proper informed consent.

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Unknown member
Sep 13, 2022

Thank you for your story. Women have been the bravest during this entire ordeal. I know so many male friends with issues and they are the least to admit their problems. This is beyond cowardice to not just ignore what's happening but act like nothing is happening. I will pray for you and that you gain strength during this time.