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Russell King

First Dose of J&J on 03/12/21 Lot #1805031


60 yrs old

UPDATE ON 04/06/2023:

It's been a while. I got J&J on 3/12/2021 & that night the severe side effects started. First side effect was my legs freezing. Now in my right arm. I have a bulge behind my left ear thats giving me headaches, neck pain & messes with my vision & short term memory. I saw my 17th doc & he brought in a woman who never looked at me. He never introduced her to me & he acted very defensive to me. I had a CT scan & today he said there's nothing there. But I had something elevated that he thought was in my throat. So he prescribed carbamazepin er 100mg. I researched & finally found out it can cause heart failure. I am 60 yrs old, but was a professional bowler until the J&J shot. So, I see many athletes dropping dead. I am now suspicious about that woman(a fed/cdc?) I am "Not" taking this! Has anybody been prescribed this? Something smells fishy. I finally told this doctor about the connection between the J&J vaccine and the side effects. Please let me know if anybody has taken this & is still ok. Up to now, 17 doctors do the same tests that show nothing.


Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I was still in recovery from the cancer that I had in "97". It took me nearly 20 yrs to get back to normal. I was a Professional Bowler when I came down with cancer. I had started Bowling again 1 year in, only 3 games a week. Now my last 3 tournaments, I cased well in two & won one. I was getting stronger & training every day! My now ex-wife divorced me right after the operation & for 20 yrs I had nothing to offer. I was just starting to date again. I had also started working a few yrs before this in the bowling industry as mechanic/lane maintenance, doing what I know best. I lost my father to cancer in 2018 after taking care of him for 7 years. The picture above was in "87" with the ball I shot a 300 with. I look like death warmed over right now. I was ready to really get back into what I love & do very well. In March of 2020, everything got closed down. For a full year I trained & did actual lawn bowling. Even on a little hill to get a hook. I had pins to hit.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I got the J&J vaccine on 3/12/21. I was told by our Govt leadership that the vaccine would free us up to get back into our usual daily lives. I very much wanted to start bowling again & enter Professional Bowling Regionals. I was READY! SO I TOOK THE SHOT!

That night, I started feeling a bit stiff. I just thought it was from the rainy weather. The next morning, my legs were stiff like a board and hurting like hell. I had a headache, it felt like I had a cinder block on my chest. My breathing was stressed. I was like this for around 10 days, struggling to get around in the house.

As soon as I could walk, I called my Doctor. I saw him & told him right away about the vaccine reactions. I got the vaccine shot in his outer office. I told him how it felt like a worm sized boa constrictor that wrapped around my tendons or muscles (definitely inside with no external injuries). As soon as he heard that, he just stared and then got up and left. The nurse said he will see me in a month.

I found another doctor the next week. I saw him 2 weeks later. He basically reacted the same way. I have been through 8 Doctors and 2 ER visits. After the first 5 doctors, I didn't say what happened with the vaccine until they did their basic tests & then asked me what happened. When I told them, they changed attitude. They got very distant and did their best to push me out the door.

In the ER in Pearsall, I spent 4.5 hrs waiting. When the Doctor on duty (now midnight) saw me, I only told her what I was feeling. She took x-rays (that didn't make sense). I told her it started in my legs & has now moved into my left arm. When it feels like strangling, the rest of my arm basically goes dead with little movement. That is when I told her this all started the night of the J&J vaccine. It was definitely inside me. She said "go see your doctor" and quickly discharged me.

I yelled and demanded my latest doctor get me a neurologist. To get ride of me, he did. I saw the Neurologist yesterday. I never mentioned the vaccine. It is now in my right arm. It has severely disabled my arm. I told him when it all started & had creeped around inside me now attacking my right arm. He did a needle test on reactions. My legs only came back about 70%, my left arm 85%, now my right arm 85% - useless! He said he would do some major tests & the nurse would do scheduling. She scheduled Jan 3rd for my legs, early Feb. for my arms, and late Feb for a scan of my brain. Does he think it's in my head? I never said anything about the vaccine. He would throw me out of the office if I did. So then, she said if the doctor sees anything, he would contact me in April!? Now I know why the death rate is so high - I have seen 9 doctors, 2 ER visits since 03/12/21, and still on step one.

Q; What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

I can not work!!! I had to apply for being disabled. I couldn't even work at the bowling center. I told the judge that the internal injuries won't let me do anything over 45 minutes without falling apart. The doctors diagnosed some neurological disorder that won't let me do everyday things. (That was very hard to squeeze that out of a doctor). I have a very hard time even typing with one finger on my left hand. I had to get spellcheck for a faster way to type. (This took me 45 min). I did manage to get a neurological disorder and some mild pain help with Gabapentin (since they outlawed any good pain killers). I have to do 1,200 MG just to "maybe" get a little sleep. I have to have three days to get ready for a doctors' visit. 24 hours for groceries. I had to move out in the boonies to afford a place. I have 2 dogs and most all places don't allow dogs. If this doctor comes up with something that will take my driving away, I'm going to have to tell him all this is from the vaccine & not in my head!

I now am so tired of hurting. I sleep more than the dog. I'm losing the battle. It is getting harder and harder to even get groceries. My hair and beard are now long. I'm not giving up, but my body is! Either they have no idea or they are being told to disregard any connections between the vaccine and severe side effects. In the meantime, I'm losing the fight.

I have been in sports all of my life, and I listen to my body. My body is saying I'm dying. In south Texas, I have tried just about everything.

I may have to find enough energy to find a boarding house for my dogs and head up to a mass general in Massachusetts where I know their reputation. However, that was in the early 80s. Now Massachusetts is the deepest blue & may just throw me in a ditch.

I feel that politics is now controlling medicine. Doctors seem scared to connect vaccine to side effects. They refuse to. I am posting what has happened to me EVERYWHERE. I'm being blocked on my sites. They say "false information"!?!? The CDC shut down the two sites where people were just trying to find help. I now have no place to find help.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

Now 11 doctors. (8 regular doctors, 2 ER doctors and 1 specialist) since March 12, 2021. As I said above, I've had a shunning from every doctor I told about the link between the J&J vaccine and the severe side effects. Oh, they do their typical tests and all come up with nothing. The X-RAYS show nothing so they say I'm fine, when my body feels like I'm dying.

They don't believe me when I tell them what it feels like inside me. They even have prescribed antidepressants that I have not taken after looking up what they were. They think I"m crazy, and that is their out. I have no help here. I'm losing ground everyday and here the New York minute is a day and a half. Things move by 30 day intervals with the same tests that show nothing.

The neurologist seems like he thinks it is in my head. If this crap has affected my head, game over! I'm afraid it will go into my chest, but the doctors just disregard anything I say. I can't even cook anymore. The doctors just say to get TV dinners. That doesn't agree with being a diabetic. I have been one since 1999 and still have all my fingers and toes. However, the doctor seems they don't care. If I last until April, this neurologist might have me committed to a funny farm for not believing in my current Govt. They told me it would protect me. Every doctor thinks I"m a liability and will lose their license to practice! So I'm in a losing situation!

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

I have two big boxes of stuff that others say help. I see that every person is affected in different ways. So not any two are exactly alike. Maybe the different batches of different vaccines? Maybe it attacks weaknesses in their bodies, genetic attacks? A 39 year old woman in Ireland has something very close to what I have. The only place I can find people saying what they feel was GETTR, until this website, that GETTER had led me to by another vaccine victim! I'm basically stuck inside watching TV doing this and living for my dogs. That is what I have left and I am losing the ability to take care of them and myself.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I wish every person that has had side effects from the vaccines would go outside and yell out their situation. If thousands do this all together at once, then maybe the general public will hear us before we are all dead. The doctors seem to have their hands tied by threats or something. So there is no help in the medical field until our word gets heard! I am posting it everywhere. Twitter had blocked 5 accounts where I had been explaining my problems with the vaccine. Many discussion sites that people were just trying to find help have been blocked and called "false information". However, this website I just found from another vaccine victim led me here. The word is getting known, but not fast enough. There are people suffering even worse than me. I fear we are all dying of something. There is no known cure. The word needs to get out so the general public will be wise to what is now being covered up. When there are hundreds of billions being made, killing becomes easy.


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So sorry to hear about your current situation Russell. I will pray for you. Love and Peace.

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