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Pamela Kavanagh

First Dose of Moderna on 3/11/21 Lot#001B21A

Second Dose of Moderna on 4/8/21 Lot#046A21A

Washington State

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Life before Moderna was wonderful! I have 3 beautiful grandchildren that I love to spend time with. I loved watching my grandson play baseball for hours and the two girls playing on the playground laughing and giggling. I had just gotten a lab puppy and was looking forward to taking her on hikes as it was something I had planned on getting in to this year. Washington State is a beautiful state and I had a bucket list of hikes I wanted to do. I have a brand new backpack full of safety supplies and new hiking shoes that have never been used or worn. I loved to do family dinners and BBQ's either at our home or our sons home, my family truly is my life... Moderna cant take that from me.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

Within 30 minutes of the vaccine I had extreme fatigue. I wasn't just tired, I couldn't keep my eyes open and just wanted to lay down and sleep. Over the next 10 days I experienced shortness of breath, I was easily fatigued while walking and would loose my breath just walking down the hall, periodic chest pains, a slight headache off and on (which was not abnormal for me as I have suffered from migraines for years), I felt like my heart was racing at times and the extreme exhaustion did not go away within these 10 days. I called and reported it to my primary care doctor at that point. New symptoms started showing up every 2 or 3 days for the next 3 month. I had extreme joint and muscle pain. Every single joint ached and every single muscle hurt that lasted for months and the joint and muscle pain is still very very active in both my arms and I am going into month 8. The only way to explain the joint pain I have in my arms is someone has a vice script on every joint as tight as it can go and never lets up 24/7. I had facial, arm, hand and feet numbness and tingling, frequent urination, I still cannot regulate my body temperature, muscle cramps in my legs and feet, brain fog, vertigo, unexplained bruising, seizures, full body tremors, vision changes,constipation, anxiety, sometimes it feels like a rake is being drug across my limbs, bilateral nerve damage in my arms, muscles jerk, wake up with a stiff body. I have had multiple falls or tripping episodes.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

I can say in this very moment, while writing this I am angry and sad because my life is nothing like is supposed to be! While I may not have all of the above listed symptoms anymore, currently I have nerve damage in both my arms and the pain from that and the joint pain is more than one should be able to handle. I don't know how I do it every day but I am determined to beat this and "Make Moderna MY Bitch" (kinda what I am know for on social media haha). With that being said, I have been in a real dark place where I know many of us injured have been. I have been suicidal because I was in so much pain for so long. When the doctors do nothing for you for so many months you honestly feel like there is no end and no help. You reach a point of desperation that you will go to any means to get a cure if you think there is one... Mental health is SO IMPORTANT. If there is one thing that I can get across to anyone reading my story that is suffering and you feel like you you don't know how you can possibly make it one more day like this PLEASE REACH OUT TO SOMEONE. I promise you, if you are in a support group or know other vaccine injured people we all understand and we will not let you suffer alone. We are here for you to talk to, we are here to listen to you vent, cry, get it off your chest or whatever you need. Please do not go through it alone. I did not reach out until after my breakdown. I hid everything from family and friends, I didn't turn to my support group. I can honestly say that was the longest darkest 4 weeks of my life. I still go to my grandkids games, not everyone like I would usually do, but I try to go to as many as my body allows. Our dog trainer has trained Maggie to walk on a very short leash that is right next to my thigh, I still do not have enough arm strength to walk her alone but Jess, our dog trainer, and my husband Jay will take her on tandem walks with me. I still believe that I will get to take her on hikes with me someday. I have a job that I love and luckily my body has not given out on me all the way & I have been able to work several days a week. Some days I do need my walker because I still get my full body tremors but I have been able to continue working at a limited compacity. My husband has had to take over a lot of the chores at home because my arms are effected the most. I do try to do the dishes and light housework on days that my arms feel ok but OMG do they pay the price later that night!!! Who would've thought washing dishes for two people could wipe my arms out! To be perfectly raw and honest with everyone it is a struggle every day to comb my hair or even pull up my own pants. By the end of my second day at work my husband has to help take my shoes and pants off of me because I have no arm strength and the nerve pain is so significant. I am writing all this because I need people to fully understand what this vaccine injury has done. I usually will tell people "oh my arms hurt a lot" but what I really need to be telling people is somedays I cant take my own pants off or I didn't shower today because my arms won't go above my head and my hand is cramping so I can't wash my hair or body without my body turning on itself. Right now, that is my reality.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I have a wonderful Primary Care Doctor. From day one he knew what was going on and has not waivered from that. I have a diagnosis of vaccine injured. Being a primary care doctor he unfortunately cannot give me the care I needed because most of my symptoms were neurological. He first referred me to my neurologist for migraines in the clinic for a MS evaluation. That appointment he walked in and started asking about my headaches and nothing about MS. I finally asked about the MS eval and he scrunched his face and said "you don't have MS, why would you even think that". I told him my PC thought I needed the eval and since I had almost all the symptoms of MS it seemed logical. He said you don't have it, if you did it would show up on this blood test he ran. We discussed my joint pain because the joint and muscle pain was getting really bad at that point as every single joint in my body was being affected. He offered nothing. I of course wanted a second opinion and had already had a second opinion appointment made with an MS specialist as MS is kinda a big deal. MS specialist did a full work up and an MRI scan of my brain. NO MS... I cried like a baby. The day before the MS appointment I had gotten lost a block from work and became very confused. After I made it to work I had a headache and pressure behind my eye so I ended up in the ER. As soon as i mentioned vaccine injury and showed them my journal they called off the stroke protocol and ordered a drug test. I told them I felt like I had been having seizures all night but I couldn't really explain why, just that I was waking up and was shaking still. I actually wish I was kidding but I was told to follow up with the neurologist the next day. I had my first awake seizure that night in front of my husband. I guess they are lucky it didn't happen when i was driving home from the ER. I had a second one and told my husband to video tape it. I showed it to the neurologist the next day and diagnosed me with Phycogenic Non epileptic seizures caused from past unresolved trauma. You'll need to see a phycologist. So I did, and yes, I had already dealt with all trauma in my life and still know how to use all those cool tools taught to me! I had to send a message to the first neurologist and ask for something for the joint pain as it was more than I could handle. He prescribed me something that took 3 weeks to kick in and it worked for about 2 months. Full body tremors came out of nowhere! I was doing pretty good, in fact my seizures had finally passed along with a lot of the other symptoms and I thought this thing was finally working its way out of my body. I was still struggling with joint pain and some pretty significant nerve pain in my arms though. I had seen an allergist who let me know within 10 minutes of the appointment that he was not the doctor for me and I yelled and let him have it! He let me have my say and then let me know that he knew that when I told him my reaction was within 30 minutes it was not an allergic reaction. I apologized for yelling and let him know about all the crap the Neurologist had put me through . He was concerned about my arms, he could see I was unwilling to really use them because it was so painful so he went and got a neurologist that I had not seen and they "unofficially looked at me and said yes, you have nerve damage" and prescribed me a medication for that. That medication took the edge off, but nothing yet has ever taken the pain away. Then the body tremors hit and I had to see yet another Neurologist. He by far was the biggest ass. I showed him the video of me trying to walk an he put his pen down and immediately said I know what you have. Its called FND and you'll need to see a phycologist. I told him I've already jumped through that hoop and been cleared as dealt with all my past trauma and I am fine. He smuggly said "you keep telling me you are fine only solidifies my diagnosis" There was no winning with this guy, I was just going to have to ride out the body tremors too I guess BUT I need help for my arm! He said against his better judgement he would prescribe me a different nerve pain medication and actually put in this in my medical record that it wouldn't work because it was phycological! Guess what??? It started working within several weeks but has since quit working as well. Current: I no longer see any specialist at that clinic. My PC has agreed to refer me outside of that clinic and yes, I filed complaints against all of them in Neurology since not one of them did any testing on my arms. I received a nerve test back just this week and I have 16% nerve activity in my left arm and 32% nerve activity in my right arm. To say I am furious is an understatement! I was suicidal because of my arm pain and not one of them did a test on my arms that determined nerve damage besides run that wheel up my arms. They all wanted to dismiss me because I was insisting I was vaccine injured but they would not even for a minute let that be an option. Because of them dismissing me, all of them in that department, I don't know what outcome I have for my arms.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

I believe it was reported to VARES but I never received a follow up. The first walk in doctor did all the questions over zoom with me.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

There are several things I do to relieve the pain in my arms. I run warm water over them, I will take a hot shower and just let the hot water run down my arms. I sleep with my arms rolled up in my heating blanket. Ibprophin is my friend along with any supplement for inflammation. I get a massage on my arms once a week. I just started HBOT. I can feel the nerves coming back to life. I can say I am so happy but holy smokes it is so painful! HBOT has been proven to help with several of the symptoms I still have like brain fog, joint and muscle pain, nerve damage...

Q: What do you wish others knew?

Mental Health is crucial if you are a victim of a vaccine injury! Do not downplay what has happened to you. The doctors need to step up and help us. Either no one knows how to help us or they are to afraid to help us. We feel alone when it comes to getting help and abandoned by the medical community. While our personal doctors may not be able to help us right now, there are some really smart people out there figuring this out and soon enough they will get it out to the doctors who can get us the help we need. We need people to unite and stand together, regardless of what side of vaccination you believe in. Real people are being injured by a vaccine. Just because a person is Pro mandate doesn't mean that they can't stand with and have compassion for the people who have been injured. I had lunch with a friend today and she said something that really made sense. She was arguing with a co worker and said There are people who had COVID and are fine, people who are injured from COVID and who have died from COVID and there are people had the vaccine and are fine, there are people who are injured from the vaccine and there are people who have died from the vaccine.... either way you go, this is a no win situation


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Years ago a tetanus shot gave me ALL of the same symptoms you are experiencing. I even had a stroke. When I realized all of the meds. weren’t helping, I tossed them out. I went complete organic and holistic. Not even aspirin. The organic turmeric helped the most. I purchased a water distiller and alkalized my own water. Took a good probiotic to heal my gut flora (I no longer need). I incorporated vitamin D3. Alkalized diet. Heavy metal detoxed. It‘s taken years to heal. Occasionally the fatigue and aches present. Organic peppermint oil for the occasional migrain. The shot damaged my immune system. It’s a delicate balance but it works for me.

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