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Nina Otulakowski, Painter, Artist

First Dose of Pfizer on 04/14/21 Lot #EX0438

Ontario, Canada

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I have been getting my life back together after healing from lyme, and tearing my shoulder and getting a mild concussion a few years ago. I was active, walked my dog a few times today for up to 6 km in beautiful nature I was restarting my career as an artist/painter. I was looking forward to the spring and summer of gardening, bicycling, hiking and visiting friends. Jan 2021 my bP was 115/78 heartrate 64

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

Within 10min of Pfizer vaccine my tongue felt thick … almost like a MSG reaction. I told the attending medical staff and they kept me there for about 45 minutes due to blood pressure was very high, and until they felt I was stable. Within that time though doctors mentioned it looked like my face was flushed.! They told me to keep an eye on my heart rate, and I ended up calling Telehealth Ontario as my heart rate was just under 100. Mid May my bP dropped to 157/106. My vast tests done by the cardiologist, showed slight pericarditis, but no one would say what that was due to. No one admit to anything. Interestingly enough two years prior after healing from Lyme, I had some fatigue and had a whole set of tests done and it showed absolutely no pericarditis. For 1 month IN May 2021 BP normalized With taking the supplement liposomal glutathione, and high doses of theracurmin However That was short-lived and it went back up to being high Now in November HR 78 to 100 And Bp is 145/87

Symptoms -

  • Arthritis symptoms

  • Unusually sore Lower back , knees , hips , shoulders , neck , wrists , fingers ( tips, knuckles) Ankles and toes -

  • Neuro

  • Hearing substantially diminished, tinnitus increased, balance diminished, Brain fog,

  • Sleep interrupted

  • Cardio

  • Blood pressure elevated constantly -Legs tired like wearing lead weights even upon when awakening -Lightheaded when waking

  • Muscle mass decreasing

  • Extreme Fatigue

  • Shallow breath when walking at a normal pace -Light headed - when walking -Or when turning, or bending, -Or when preparing pets breakfast which requires turning 90degrees each way to grab something from fridge -or To constantly take Cat off counter and put them on the floor -head pressure

  • I have stopped going on walks longer than a few blocks when I am tired because I’m afraid of passing out outside of my neighborhood.

  • Skin lesions on my back between my shoulder blades , constant eruptions of itchy rawness

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

I have stopped going on walks longer than a few blocks when I am tired because I’m afraid of passing out.

It’s sad really, as now I cannot bike or walk nor drive long distances due to extreme fatigue. I don’t even do any shopping, and just do very short grocery runs because that’s all the energy I have. I have to pace my day very carefully.

Out of one week I might get two days where I have a little bit of energy that I might be able to walk 2 km, The other day so I have to wait until my body feels energized enough that I can walk the dog a couple of blocks, and then I come back home and at least meditate even though I cannot nap.

I was so looking forward to summer but I can’t garden because it exhausts me for days even just doing a little bit. I can’t even do housework and my place is a disaster now because I don’t have the energy for that. My dog I am afraid is being ignored, as I’m trying my best and that has to be good enough. I think fully he’s happy that I am around.

- At the end of the day even when tired I can no longer lose myself in naps, - brain fog makes it difficult to concentrate to Get anything done, or even plan, I have to wait for “the right moment” For my brain to kick into action. It makes it difficult to follow reading a book, or even attempts at crossword puzzles Are used to be quite positive, and actually I believe that if one is positive you can get through anything, any obstacle but holy cow this is so difficult.

After even doing my third or fourth meditation round… I have noticed Increased depression, wondering how much longer I can continue to watch myself get worse, how much can I take.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

My family doctor has been empathetic, and has written me a letter of exemption that I can use so at least I can go into the library. However, other than sending me for tests he doesn’t really have a solution. However he is, I feel there for me at least to listen to me. And to send me to specialists. Unfortunately dealing with public health Niagara, even though my family doctor wrote to them with my adverse vax effects, they have written saying that “they received the report of an unexpected event that followed the administration of the Pfizer Covid vaccine”, however the head of Niagara Public Health “has reviewed the event details and recommends no change to immunization schedule. This investigation has been classified as “does not meet case definition”. Please bring this letter with you to future vaccine appointments”

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

The reaction was reported by my family doctor to Niagara region public health in Ontario, the response I received was that it was reviewed by the head of Niagara Region Public Health, Dr. HIRJI who reviewed the event details and recommends no change to immunization schedule. This investigation has been classified as “does not meet case definition quote. Please bring this letter with you to future vaccine appointments. I had asked to speak to an immunologist and I keep giving me the runaround and just somebody else will call, but not the immunologist to answer any my questions.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Quite honestly, nothing has changed in terms of my symptoms, and that has concerned me. I am hoping that it may improve. What does help me get through this though, because depression does hit, is finding the right meditation, so that I can achieve at least a state of calm, and it helps me stay focused. I might have to do this several times a day, when I listen to my body and it is tired, I will listen to it and rest. As it does no good at all to push it. That only makes it worse.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I really do wish that the health department, the vaccine manufacturers, and the media would start glossing things over, so that people could actually make an educated decision based on real facts. Because the facts are out there, however difficult it is to find them.

#WeWantToBeHeard #RealNotRare