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Nina Newcity

First Dose of Moderna on 6/3/21

Second Dose of Moderna 6/30/21


Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Active mother of a 4 yr old, wife. Full time job.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I had no immediate reaction roughly 2 weeks after second dose I experienced extreme anxiety, a raw swollen feeling on my tongue and neck pain on right side going to the back of my head causing an electric feeling. Blurred vision double vision swaying feeling and started having what I thought was vertigo after review with pcp they were pre-syncope episodes. They kept increasing and I passed out 3 times. Tremors increased and have abnormal gait. Unable to drive. Cannot walk right or over exert myself. Have had a seizure type episode. Multiple trips to er and pcp and specialist. Still pending proper diagnosis and treatment. Typing this is difficult due to Tremors.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

No longer can drive clean play with my son or even stand for long periods of time. Brain fog causes me to have to limit work remotely and take naps. Lots of doctors appointments. And feeling hopeless at times.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

Pending. Syncope tremors and abnormal gait at this point

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

Vaers, no response

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Sleeping and no improvement getting worse

Q: What do you wish others knew?



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Unknown member
May 09, 2022

So sorry to hear of your terrible epxeriences after the jab. I pray that you heal.

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