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Myron Carr, School Counselor

First Dose of Pfizer on 01/29/21 Lot #EL32Y7

Dose of J&J on 06/17/21 Lot #205A21A2

Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Very active outside and with my family. Would Mt. Bike 1500 or more miles of single track each summer and fall. Snowboard and skate ski in the winter months. Basically lived to be active and outside. Have a family and I'm 46 years old with two teenagers a daughter and son. Work as a School Counselor and never really thought about having a vaccine reaction before these shots came along. Some minor health conditions like allergies and Sleep Apnea. Have never not been able to do anything because of my health.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

1st shot of Pfizer on 1/29/21 I didn't take well and after 20 minutes my arm and face went numb and I felt like I was going into anaphylaxis. I had intense dizziness, fast heart rate, confusion, and the immediate response of "this is bad something is very wrong." The reaction was intense for 3 to 5 minutes and then lessened greatly. The next 24 hours I felt sick and my heart was skipping and doing weird things. The second day I was only tired. The 3rd day I felt fine.

Fast forward 4.5 months and I took the J & J to be fully vaccinated. Never took a second dose of Pfizer. On 6/17/21 I didn't feel great after the shot but had typical symptoms. On day five I felt like my heart and head were about to explode. Went to the doctor concerned about clots and feeling very sick had an EKG and later an Echocardiogram and CT scan and everything appeared normal. I was still having lots of chest pain, fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, and feeling like I had the flu. The first couple of weeks were pretty bad with symptoms and they were intense. This continued all through the summer and I would tend to feel worse in the mornings and slightly better in the evenings. I could still exercise and would often still ride my bike when my symptoms would subside. From about the end of July thru the end of August I felt like I was going to come out of things "Ok" on certain days. There were plenty of days that were not good.

By the end of August my immediate symptoms were mostly brain fog, exercise fatigue, and overall chronic fatigue. I went part time at school for my job as a Counselor and have continued to be part time for the school year. I am fighting a lot of fatigue and just feel sick and wiped out all the time. In October I had terrible insomnia and my ears started ringing or tinnitus. I ended up on sleep medication and antidepressants. In early November I started sleeping better but still had issues with not feeling like I could ever get enough sleep or feel recharged. Mid Nov. was month 5 for me and I did start to have more days with clear thinking and a little more energy. Thanksgiving week I crashed and spent most of the days in bed and feeling completely sick. I also started to develop neuropathy in my body or tingling and burning sensations mostly in my hands and feet but sometimes all over. Now, in December, I continue to have more good days, but still have my symptoms cycle back for whatever reason. I am not close to feeling like I did pre-vaccine, but if I'm lucky have had a few days of low symptoms and can get through most basic daily activities without totally thinking,"I can't do this anymore." Exercise is still very tricky and I can't do near as much as I used to be able to. I just shoot for having days were I don't feel totally sick or wiped out.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

I go to a lot of doctors now and bug them about all of my symptoms and the condition I'm in. I've tried a lot of different supplements and medications and some have helped, some not so much. So much energy has gone into trying to figure out what went wrong. I did have a positive ANA test and waiting to see a doctor about more testing for auto-immune issues. I feel like the J&J shot has triggered autoimmune issues and my body is constantly fighting itself due to my immune system going haywire. I have had depression and feel pretty lost and alone. I am happy for the good days and moments I have but as things go on the bad days are so much harder to deal with than before.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

Low vitamin D Positive ANA auto antibody test Possible Chronic Fatigue Syndrome due to the vaccine.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

I need to report my reaction with J&J. So far I have only reported my reaction to Pfizer.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Rest, Time, and trying to eat very clean. I drink water constantly and have stayed away from any alcohol or caffeine. Low Histamine diet and anti-histamines, ibuprofen, melatonin for sleep, B12, magnesium along with a multivitamin are what I generally take daily. I am starting to take protein and amino acid supplements once per day.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I wish I would have know more about vaccine reactions and vaccine information was more transparent. I still feel very angry about the way things have happened. I am grateful my symptoms and experience has not been worse. So many other people have had more significant health issues and problems from just the vaccinations. Our health system should be taking care of us, have a protocol for the vaccine injured and needs to stop denying this has happened!


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