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Mona Hasegawa

First Dose of Pfizer on 4/24/21

Jersey City, New Jersey

Mona's Rally Speech Nov 2, 2021:


My name is Mona Hasegawa. I am 42 years old. I moved to America from Canada many years ago. Just prior to this vaccine, I was an active stay-at-home mother of two beautiful daughters, looking to go back into the work field. When the pandemic hit I was unable to visit my family and friends in Canada. My father who lives in Canada is at high risk and I thought the best thing to do was to get vaccinated due to the fact that the media and medical professionals were saying it was safe and effective. To my knowledge at the time, the only side effects were flu like symptoms. On April 24, 2021 I received my first and only dose of the Pfizer vaccination. Since this date I have never been the same and I want my life back. I went out with both my daughters and partner 2 hours after the shot at a local restaurant. At one point during the meal I suddenly felt confused, my mind froze and I couldn't move my legs. My daughter had to hold my hand to help me leave the restaurant. I went home the next couple of days and had flu-like symptoms, but I also experienced extreme pain in my back, hips and thigh area. Even though I was feeling like this, I still pushed myself to continue my days in a normal fashion. On Saturday afternoon post vaccine, I went to the mall with my daughter, while at the mall, I experienced severe weakness and collapsed in the mall. I was unable to walk or regain my strength and as a result an ambulance was called to take me to the local hospital. Since that day, I have been to 5 hospital ER rooms, and been admitted 3 times. I have had at least 30 visits with doctors and specialists over a 6 month span of time. Sadly, none of the doctors have acknowledged the vaccine as a source of my ailments. At that time, my symptoms were the inability to walk, I could not hold my head up, I had severe seizures / attacks, twitching, brain fog, dizziness and inflammation. Now suddenly a wheelchair, bath stool and commode became a regular way of life. Going to the mall on a Saturday afternoon with my kids was no longer an option. After racking up thousands of dollars in medical expenses, there was only one doctor who acknowledged that the vaccine could be the source of the problem, and he is trying to treat the illness accordingly. We need more research.



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