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Megan Eisenmann

First Dose of Pfizer on 3/24/21 Lot #ER8733

Second Dose of Pfizer on 4/16/21 Lot #EW0164


Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

As of March 24th 2021, I was a Normal, Healthy and very active 28-year-old, with nothing on my medical history, except seasonal allergies… but within 12 hours after the 1st Covid-19 “vaccine" My life changed.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

Wed. 3-24-21 I had my 1st Pfizer vaccine THUR 3-25-21 body aches and joint pains, (ankles/knees/wrists) and body aches) had to get up every couple of hours and walk around the house to help the pain and stiffness. Right ear had a lump behind it and felt full, and entire right side of neck/throat muscles felt sore. Few days later...I started noticing “throat clicking”, it sounds like the cartilage is grinding when swallowing, and felt like someone was grabbing and squeezing my neck/throat nonstop, also felt weird like a lump in my throat when swallowing (globular sensations the Dr. called it), with chest pain, that went straight through to my back between my shoulder blades making is hard to breath some days especially when laying down. Rapid heartrate, with high blood pressure and low blood pressure readings.

I went to my 1st ENT appt 4-14-21, I was in and out in 5 mins with an RX for acid reflux medications... NOT my issue. Left frustrated, and unheard.

Friday 4-16-21 2nd Pfizer vaccine All symptoms from above all seemed to still be present. 4-23-21 (1 WEEK AFTER MY 2nd VACCINE) My vision started getting funky black squiggly lines and TONS of black spots all over, looked like things were moving in peripheral vision too. I felt like my head was in the clouds, with major brain fog, and the world was spinning around me slowly, I felt very off and out of it. 4-28-21 Eye exam- all looks normal for me; prescription has not changed. And she stated they have had 5 other people that have come in after their covid vaccines with weird vision issues. She also called another local eye Dr. and they said they have been seeing patients with vision issues after vaccines too.

I had many random days of arms, legs, hands, fingers, and lips being numb and tingly over the course of 8-9 months. 5-6-21 CT SCAN of neck (for the swollen lymph nodes and throat issues I was having. Then they found swollen level 1 and 2 lymph nodes, and some nodules on my thyroid that needed to be checked with an ultrasound). 5/8/21 ALL night long I couldn’t sleep, both legs feeling tight like someone was squeezing them, tingly and numbness feeling all night long, which was long-lasting and more than the new “normal”. May 15th-18th left arm was tingly and numb non-stop. 5-20-21 Ultrasound of neck which was ordered after the CT scan of my neck –nodules found on left side of thyroid, fine needle aspiration biopsy needed by an Endocrinologist 5-21-21 D dimer blood work came back high, INR normal, 1st PCP told me not to worry about it. 5-21-21 Holistic body scan and detoxing program started (noted inflammation on my spinal cord, and flagged markers for Guillain barre.) 1st/2nd PCP did not believe me/the body scan, so he wouldn’t run tests for me. ALL of May severe headaches/eye pressure and ear pressure. June 8th 1st Head pain and Neurology appt: urinalysis, blood work, EKG, EEG done in office, and Dr. ordered an MRI of brain. Put me on amitriptyline to help the headaches and possibly the eye pressure/ ear pressure, and she hoped it would help with my muscle spasms and help me sleep/rest more. It has helped with the headaches some days, but nothing else. 6-1-21 noticed lesions appearing in my mouth. Red veiny lines, and red throat, white rings and change in tissue color.I am a dental hygienist, so I recognize these changes aren’t normal) DDS/oral surg. thought just an immune response, PCP swabbed me for strep (negative of course) no treatment. As of 7-19-21 My Symptoms ... vision spot/lines, occasional mild headaches (even on the meds), occasional tingly fingers, arms, legs (NO FULL NUMBNESS anymore), muscle twitching all over body, mouth lesions, EXTREME MUSCLE SORENESS/pain in arms (right side has been since 6/30 and left arm started hurting/sore on 7/18) and feels like my heart is racing at times. And my throat “clicking/cartilage grinding” still happening. My right arm got to the point where it couldn't be used even to take laundry out of the washing machine, or pick up and take a full glass of water to my mouth.

8-16-21 went to an orthopedic surgeon and got steroid shot in my right arm and in 48 hours my arm was completely back to normal! 2 days later... this crazy vaccine traveled to its next spot to attack in my body. 8-18-21 Left leg started feeling tight/muscle soreness 9-3-21 SEVERE sciatic pain and muscle tightness in left leg, and lower back…. STILL as of 9-13-21 INTENSE pain with bending over, bending down, twisting/turning or carrying my 22-pound daughter. Leg throbs with pain, muscle twitching all throughout leg and left butt cheek, numbness in calf/foot/ toes. Couldn't get in and out of bed without help from my husband, I couldn’t feed my baby and put her in the crib for bed at night. I had never been in so much pain in my life. That lasted 5 weeks of severe pain, and currently on week 10+ of Issues and counting... it’s not resolved. 9-14-21 1st appt with new PCP- (the 3rd one I have met with), he listened to me, believed me, but was honest as to say he didn’t know what to do for me, but let’s start testing and getting me into specialists. He sent me for a back x-ray (came back fine) and then referred me to see a new neurologist. 9-24-21 1st appt with the Neurologist I have seen now (who specializes in Autoimmune Dx) He Ordered MRI of spine and lumbar, 2nd Autoimmune panel done on 9-27-21 (came back “fine”), and Physical Therapy for my back/ leg. 10-14-21 VASC. VENOUS DUPLEX LOWER LEFT leg- (to rule out blood clots for all the pain/pressure/numbness in my legs. 10-21-21 MRI of spine and lumbar 10-28-21 Started Physical Therapy for my back/ leg. (Have to go 3x a week for 6+ weeks) 11-4-21 Follow up with my 2nd PCP Dr. to check in on me/my symptoms/ and to discuss the antihistamine medications I was on. My next appts scheduled and hoping for more answers: 11-8-21 Appt with Neuro surgeon 11-16-21 Appt with my 3rd Neurologist at the University of Michigan for another opinion, I think I am having neuropathy issues. 11-22-21 Follow up appt with my 2nd neurologist 12-3-21 Follow up appt with the Endocrinologist and 2nd ultrasound on my thyroid nodules and a 2nd opinion with the 2nd ENT appt to check out my throat issues. 12-16-21 EMG nerve testing Over the past 7 months, I have been going to the chiropractor 3 times a month, massages twice a month, acupuncture 2x a week for many months, many supplements and praying that there is hope for me to heal.

March 23rd 2022 Right arm muscles sore again, went back to Dr. Gio the orthopedic surg. 2nd steroid shot in elbow. 3-30-22 PCP - yearly physical and vaccine injury checkup. Ordered Blood work: CBC panel and liver function tests and the Results came back 4-20-22, showed elevation in the ALT liver/kidney function panel and that my WBC was on the low end of normal. Prob. From all the meds I have taken over the past year, either effecting the liver, or all this inflammation doing damage? No one knows. Or no future tests to be re ran from it! 4-19-22 ANOTHER VAERS REPORT DONE. 4-20-22 Ultrasound of right NECK comparing to last time- Thyroid Nodules remained the same (already being watched by Endocrine office) and swollen lymph nodes had decreased in size, but still present. 4-20-22 Started wearing a 30-day heart monitor- Return it May 20th showed rapid heart rate, and Premature ventricular contractions and premature atrial contractions.

1 year post 2 Pfizer vaccines: In the past year symptoms that I have had/still have:

*Hives that happen if I don’t take Zyrtec

* Swollen lymph nodes under right side of jaw/down neck and radiates into my right ear at times (there was a bump behind my right ear for MANY weeks after the vaccine)

*What I think are swollen lymph nodes under armpits (soreness comes and goes)

* Joint pain/body aches/ fatigue

* MANY throat issues- throat tension, globular sensations/lump in throat, pressure in my throat, redness and color changes in my throat- red spots and red and vein-y looking. (DDS- stated it looked like an Immune response, Oral Surgeon friend said to be evaluated by a rheumatologist)

*Chest pain between breasts, some days stabbed through to my back btw shoulder blades, some days chest felt heavy to breathe

*Blood pressure and pulse all over the board

* VISION ISSUES- funky black squiggly lines, and black dots (I thought they were floaters, my cousin who is an eye Dr. said maybe its visual snow, which is associated with neurological issues) She recommended I see a NEURO eye dr. in Lansing

* Brain fog/room spinning around me

* Random days of arms/hands/leg/ feet having pins and needles (this was almost every day for the first 8 months, just the placement changed)

* Random days of arms/hands/leg/ feet being completely numb

* SEVERE ear pressure, and Headaches –EVERY SINGLE DAY for a couple months, until seeing Michigan head pain and neurological institute and being put on a low dose of Amitriptyline - it has helped the daily headaches, but NOT the ear pressure)

* Muscle soreness though-out body that comes and goes

* Right forearm (also vaccine arm) EXTREME muscle soreness to the point I couldn’t use it at all to even take a glass of water to my mouth, or take laundry out of the dryer. Steroid shot from Dr. Gio helped for about 6 months and needed to do another one.

*Neuropathy/SEVERE SCIATIC pain, and left leg complete numbness and pressure in calf and foot and toes that lasted 12-14 weeks (worst pain of my life, and I’ve had 2 kids with natural child birth. (Physical therapy, acupuncture, massages, ice/heat/hot tub, and time helped it)

*Muscle Spasms * Muscle twitching

* Severe neck stiffness that comes for about 2 weeks and then subsides, its WAY more than the “I slept on my neck wrong” kind of thing.

* Feels like my heart is racing at random times, even when lying in bed trying to fall asleep.

*Icy hot feelings throughout my body- Hard to explain almost like random patches of HOT and then COLD or like wet spots on my skin (they aren’t painful, but very odd sensations)

*Random episodes of Nausea

*Inflammation in nose- 1st PCP told me he couldn’t even see up my nose like he should be able to. TONS of drainage and sore throats almost daily.

Time line continued ....5-5-22 Rheumatology appt- Labs came back normal, he stated he couldn’t really help me, but did not discredit me for what I have went through and believes very well it could be related to the vaccine. He had stated about patients having symptoms after vaccines but at this time there is no “protocol for treatment” And recommended the mayo clinic, and possible Hematology referral.

PCP ordered a halter monitor for me over the summer of 2022, it showed I had a fast HR and random irregular heartbeats, PAC, PVC, so I got a referral to cardiology.

6-16-22 – Cardiology appt EKG, blood work for magnesium and comprehensive metabolic panel and an Echo complete with contrast were done. Dr. said that I have premature atrial contractions (PAC) and premature ventricular contractions (PVC) and some irregular heartbeats, but nothing to do about it unless the symptoms are bothersome enough for me to want to try to mask it with medications. Results below:

For many months, I stopped going to any Drs. Appts, I wasn’t getting anywhere, no answers, doctors telling me I have anxiety and that it just COULD NOT BE caused from this so called “vaccine”, and that all of my tests and blood work comes back fine/close to normal limits so they “just didn’t know what to do for me”.

So, at this point I am pushing 2 years, post 2 Pfizer shots, and I still have a lot of symptoms, with ZERO answers, ZERO help, and zero plan going forwards.

12-22-22 Another ENT appt, another scope, and she said everything has inflammation (appeared to be allergic inflammation looking type response) during the scope.I had told her that I have had sore throats almost every single day for 2 years and the right side of my neck/ jaw / submandibular gland region, throbbing andradiating into my right ear, are still hurting (it was my VERY FIRST symptom that started right after my 1st Pfizer shot, within a couple hours ) and that I was worried about the pain and that it just doesn’t feel right, so she ordered another CT scan of my neck since I am still having a lot of pain and she recommended that I use Flonase sensi mist nasal spray.

CT of Neck/Soft tissue WITH contrast was done on 12-28-22, still showing swollen lymph nodes. (Almost 2 years later)

As of 2/6/23 My list of symptoms that remain are:

*Vision issues (black spots/ squiggly lines all over in my vision)

*Joint pain /ACHY Joints/Crackling /popping joints

*Ear pressure

*Headaches – Controlled with Amitriptyline, but I have tried to stop taking it a couple times, and I can’t headaches come back SEVERE and last for weeks.

*Sore throats almost daily

*Sometimes trouble swallowing, or fullness feeling where I don’t feel hungry, because I feel full all the time, or pressure in my stomach. But those symptoms all come and go. (It started off with swallowing issues after the first vaccine, and I don’t have that anymore)

*Hives If I don’t take an antihistamine daily (Zyrtec)

*Right side Neck/right jaw/ right submandibular gland area/ radiating into my right ear, and CT scan still shows some swollen lymph nodes almost 2 years after these “vaccines”

*Muscle twitching/Internal vibrations

*Sore muscles (esp. my right arm…. THE JAB ARM!)

Almost 2 years later- I am now having irregular clotty periods – And a hemorrhagic cyst on my right ovary that is causing pain and I have had to have pelvic ultrasounds on, and hormone meds for.

2-10-23 APPT with a Gastro/ digestive healthcare dr. for throat and stomach issues.

My story will continue, appointments will continue, and the fight for all of us vaccine injured people will continue to be heard and acknowledged. We are people, our lives matter!

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

My life has completely changed since the vaccine, fatigue 24/7, sluggish, brain fog, full body inflammation with tender areas under my armpits, and jaw often, MAJOR sciatic pain where it was hard to even get out of bed and walk for almost 10+ weeks straight , and nerve pain throughout my body with electrical shocking feelings, internal vibrations, muscle twitching, lesions in my mouth, red/sore throat often, headaches and a lot of ear pressure every single day for 23 months, vision issues, rapid beat heart rate, it is all mentally and physically EXAHUSTING! Especially trying to be a mom to 2 little kids, ages 5 and 2yrs old! This is NOT THE LIFE I SIGNED UP FOR when getting the “safe and effective vaccine” on March 24th 2021. Trying to do "my part" for the community to hopefully get rid of COVID and get back to the normal life we all wanted. WELL WRONG! Completely the opposite of my normal life now, and I am afraid I will NEVER get better! I am scared to always have health issues and not be "normal" again with a pain free life. Especially if the medical community won’t recognize us or help us AFTER 2 YEARS OF THIS NONSENSE!

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I have been a frequent flyer in the doctors’ offices, and a lab rat in the hospitals. Having more tests ran, and blood draws done, than anyone wants to, especially in 22 months of time. I have had EEG, EKG, EMG, Ultra sounds, dopplers of my legs to rule out blood clots from all the pressure and pain I was having in my legs, eye exam due to my vision changes, 2 CTs of neck for my throat issues, MRI of brain, X-rays of back and spine, MRI of spine, MRI of lumbar, auto immune panels done twice. I have seen eye doctors, on my 3rd Primary care physician, 3rd neurologist, 2nd ENT, 1 neurosurgeon, cardiologists, rheumatologists, and go to physical therapy for all my nerve pain, and electrical shocking’s, and pins and needles that happen throughout my body. I have been to an Endocrinologist, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncture, natural paths, detox programs to try to get rid of metals and the vaccine toxins. I have not received any diagnosis yet, still fighting for more testing to diagnose the neuropathy issues that I am having in my left leg. I was turned away by multiple long covid study groups, because they didn’t “handle anything to do with vaccine injuries”, and I was also turned away by UofM immunology clinic after waiting months for an appt., then they called me to cancel my appt. because they couldn't help me or treat any of my symptoms due to my vaccine injury, they could only help me determine IF it would be okay for me to get the booster... yeah... no thanks! So, I am thousands and thousands of dollars spent on medical bills, and have no diagnosis, and no treatment plan to help me get any better. I feel abandoned by the medical community, as I KNOW for sure ALL of my fellow vaccine injured friends are feeling that way too. I am glad we have each other! We are NOT alone!

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

YES! 2VARES reports, Pfizer and the CDC, NO RESPONSE! (In 22 months... and counting)

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

The only 2 things that have improved: #1. The constant Numbness has gone away over about 1 year of time. No treatment was done for it. Just resolved on its own... Drs. didn’t believe me that there was a problem. I was "fine".... because most people have that right?

# 2. Within the first 24 hours after my 1st “shot”, I had inflammation in my throat, issues trying to swallow, swollen lymph nodes under my right jaw, lump behind my ear, felt like someone was grabbing my throat and squeezing it. The pressure and squeezing feelings are gone now (but took about 3 months to go away) and I can swallow properly now... but I still have swollen lymph nodes under jaw/right neck that no one seems concerned with after being there for 22 months and proven so on 2 CT scans and an ultrasound.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I wish others would know that there are THOUSANDS of us vaccine injured all over the world, many with very similar symptoms and problems after getting their shots. Some people are having issues after the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd jab, which should make people question right? Many people who need help and can’t get it, due to the government control, big pharma keeping everything they know quiet, and censorship that media has taken over control on all social media platforms. We are told we can’t possibly be having issues after the shot, but we are… and we are sharing OUR STORY and telling OUR TRUTH! WE ARE REAL NOT RARE!

#WeWantToBeHeard #RealNotRare #SilencedVaccineInjurySurvivor