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Linda Wastila, BSPharm, MSPH, PhD

University of Maryland

Linda Wastila, BSPharm, MSPH, PhD, is Professor and Parke-Davis Chair of Geriatric Pharmacotherapy in the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Pharmacy. For almost thirty years, Dr. Wastila has conducted health services policy research with a focus on pharmaceutical health policy and drug safety. Trained in pharmacy and public health, her expertise in analyzing large databases, including Medicare, Medicaid, and proprietary claims data, has landed her grants and contracts funded by NIDA, NIA, SAMHSA, CMS, FDA, AHRQ, state governments, and foundations. With more than 150 peer-reviewed publications to her credit, she has demonstrated experience in assessing the impacts of public health policies on resources utilization and costs, drug therapy appropriateness, medication adherence, and outcomes, including hospitalization/rehospitalization, morbidity, and mortality. Dr. Wastila has served as technical expert and advisory committee member for FDA, CMS, and CDC.

Dr. Wastila's Capitol Speech Nov 2, 2021:


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Miranda Bri
Miranda Bri
05 de set. de 2022

With all due respect Dr Wastila, would you know what 21 CENTURY GENOCIDE LOOKS LIKE IF YOU WERE TO "SEE IT".......


Thank you for speaking out, Dr. Wastila. It is definitely not a competition between the virus and the vaccine, but any mention of concern about the vaccines triggers vitriol and divisiveness unlike anything I've ever seen. Do you have any suggestions on how to overcome this? My background is in pharma, so I have some knowledge of clinical trials and FDA procedures. I've also been disabled by a commonly used FDA approved drug, so I understand the challenges of iatrogenic illness. However, the highly charged, emotional environment, and mandates takes this to an entirely different level. I haven't been able to watch the entire second part of your presentation, so please excuse my question if you addressed this. Thank you…

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