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Kyle Warner, Professional Mountain Biker

First Dose of Pfizer in June of 2021

My name is Kyle Werner and I am a professional mountain bike racer and Youtube Video Creator. In June of 2021 my world changed drastically after receiving my second dose of the Pfizer Covid 19 Vaccine. Over the past four months I have transformed from an active go getter, who spent most of his time working and playing on bikes into an arthritic 29 year old with substantial heart and immune issues. My official diagnosis has been Pericarditis, Pots, Reactive Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue. I have been doing everything in my power to stay positive through this journey and heal both my body and mind. I am very hopeful to get back to a normal way of life and I hope I can help some others dealing with similar symptoms along the way.

DEC 16, 2021 - Kyle Warner speaks with Megyn Kelly about the need for real COVID vaccine conversation:

NOV 24, 2021 - A Cautionary Message From Vaccine Advocates w/Dr. Aditi Bhargava, Kyle Warner, and Brianne Dressen:

NOV 11, 2021 - Kyle speaks out on how emotional it is to receive so much hate from both sides when trying to discuss the topic:

NOV 2, 2021 - Kyle's Capitol Speech:

NOV 2, 2021 - Kyle's Rally Speech:

OCT 21, 2021 - Kyle's Vaccine Complication Interview with Dr. John Campbell:

DEC 10, 2021 - Kyle's Interview on Dr. Drew:

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