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Kim Witczak, Woodymatters

Helped get the Blackbox suicide warnings added to antidepressants in 2004 & 2006

Kim Witczak is an international drug safety advocate and speaker with over 25 years professional experience in advertising and marketing communications. She became involved in pharmaceutical drug safety issues after the sudden death of her husband in 2003 due to an undisclosed drug side effect of antidepressants. She was instrumental in helping to get FDA Blackbox suicide warnings added to antidepressants in 2004 and 2006. Kim has taken her personal experience and launched a national public awareness campaign through, a grassroots organization dedicated to make sure the everyday patient perspective is represented in healthcare conversations. She has testified before US Senate on FDA related issues as well as numerous FDA Advisory Committees. Kim currently serves as Consumer Representative on the FDA Psychopharmacologic Drug Advisory Committee and is a board member with several non-profit organizations in the field of drug and patient safety.

Kim's Capitol Speech Nov 2, 2021:


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Kim, Thank you for your years-long work to bring awareness of the dangers of SSRIs and FDA drug approval procedures. I am so sorry for the reason that brought you here. Woody Matters to MANY people. ❤️

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