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Justine Luzzi

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New York City

The following is reposted from Justine's blog 01/29/22:

I’m the radical left and I believe in science; I was injured by the Covid 19 vaccine.

Justine Luzzi * 2 days ago * 8 min read

For context, I find it’s important to state upfront that I am a liberal that believes in science, and I voted for President Biden. The reason I find it’s important is that people are very quick to jump down my throat about both of those things, just because I don’t offer a black and white approach to vaccines. In fact, before my vaccine injury (aka vaccine long hauling or long-term adverse side effects, they are all interchangeable), I was very pro-vaccine. But to be clear, not pro-mandate, because, well, let’s not all sit around and pretend that any pharmaceutical drug comes completely side effect free.

I’m not sure why people kid themselves about this. People even die from aspirin. Is it a very small percentage? Sure. But 1 death is 1 death too many. Isn’t that what people say about Covid, too? It’s true about everything. But somewhere along the way, death became desensitized. There is further proof in America’s obsession with true crime. Dexter New Blood, a show about a serial killer, just broke viewership records over at Showtime. I know this because I was one of the 8 million eyeballs on it.

The fact that I am even able to write this article now is a miracle. Just 7 months ago, I couldn’t properly look at a computer screen, couldn’t put a basic sentence together, or articulate any sentences for that matter that made any sense. I had severe neurological issues that caused confusion, memory loss, severe migraines, vision loss, dizziness, slurred speech, and loss of motor skills. Other issues were jaw pain, tightness in my chest, shortness of breath, and severe vertigo.

For 4 straight months, I was at different doctor appointments 3 times a week, trying to figure out what was wrong. I had this long list of about 15 things that could fit into my long list of symptoms, having vaccine injury at number 14, only preceded by a bad case of parasites. The reason it was so low was that I really didn’t think it was possible for a perfectly healthy human being. My only knowledge about vaccine injuries was that they happened to those with autoimmune issues and that they were extremely rare.

But low and behold, I come to find that they are not as rare as you think they are.

The decision to get one was based on this assumption, as well as the fact that I just wanted the pandemic to end. But mostly it was driven by empathy. I wanted to keep others around me safe. And as a healthy 35-year-old with no issues, I figured I had nothing to lose.

I was dead wrong.

I’m a healthy 35 year old no more. At my worst peak 5 months ago, I felt as if I had Alzheimer’s. I remember walking down the streets of NYC to my wellness spa for a treatment, and forgetting who I was, where I was, and where I was going. Just stopping there in the middle of the street, looking around, trying to remember. Although it only lasted around 10 seconds each time, it never got less frightening. A 35-year-old shouldn’t feel like they have Alzheimer’s.

My due diligence (or maybe more like unconscious denial if I am really honest) included going to the neurologist and getting all the brain scans. But it all started with an ER visit exactly one month after the second dose of the Moderna vaccine. That weekend started out like usual, with my Saturday morning walk in the park. Except it wasn’t like usual, and I began to sway halfway through. When I got back I drank some water, as I have a habit of accidentally getting dehydrated. That didn’t work. By Sunday, I started slurring my words, and by Monday afternoon I had blurred vision in my right eye. I had to surrender and get myself to the hospital. At this point, it felt as if I was having a stroke.

The CAT scan was normal, with no signs of a stroke or brain bleed. I got a referral for a neurologist. On that first visit, I was asked all sorts of questions. But the last one startled me a bit; Are you vaccinated and if so, when was your last dose? I remember giving her a look like “Why is she asking me that?” as if it was so absurd. She then informs me that they’ve seen an uptick in people with neurological issues and it’s shortly after their vaccination. I still didn’t believe it.

Because they were wary of the vaccine, they gave me a referral for the cardiologist, to check right away for myocarditis or pericarditis. They also ordered an EKG, EEG, and MRI. Looking for any signs of brain damage or any other issues. After 6 weeks of testing, everything came back normal. It was until then, my neurologist sat down across the table from me and said she is sure it was from the vaccine and it will probably wear off. That she didn’t know how to help me, as she had no idea what it was doing. What she did know, was that vaccines in the past have leaked heavy metals, and I should get a heavy metals panel done with my Primary Care Physician. It is at that moment, I finally surrendered: I am sick from the vaccine, and no one knows how to help me heal. And quite frankly, it didn’t seem like she cared.

My PCP was definitely a lot more empathetic, which was refreshing. He mentioned that now that we know it’s the vaccine, what exactly did it actually do? He said there were only 3 scenarios:

  1. The vaccine leaked heavy metals into my body, which has actually been happening for decades. So I would need a heavy metals metabolic panel done.

  2. The vaccine triggered an autoimmune disorder, which again, it is known to do. I would need an inflammation marker test to determine this. If it comes through positive, I still would need a rheumatologist to determine which type, there are hundreds.

  3. If both tests came back negative, then we can assume that it is the spike proteins / mRNA technology that is just not agreeing with your body, passed the blood/brain barrier, and really caused my otherwise healthy body to attack itself.

Both tests came back negative. And I received the same message from the PCP that I received from the neurologist; “I don’t know why it’s doing that”, “It will wear off”, and simply, “I don’t know what to do.”

As frustrating as that is, it was a better outcome compared to the other vaccine injury victims out there, who get straight-up gaslighted by their medical professionals. At least I got the acknowledgment, but the lack of concern and lack of desire to “do no harm” was just as hurtful. I finally decided to get myself to a Functional Medicine Doctor / Homeopath.

After my first visit, I began to feel relief. This holistic doctor already had a homeopathic vaccine protocol in place, as he has also seen an uptick in neurological disorders stemming from the jab. He also mentioned he has been treating people for years with injuries. The fact that this injustice has been going on for years under my nose is what keeps me awake at night. I just cannot fathom the ridicule people get from speaking up about the truth and their medical injuries. It’s easy for Big Pharma to get away with it too because 90% of the time they work flawlessly. By shutting up the minority, gaslighting them making them feel crazy, and using coercive tactics, they have and will continue to get away with it, with no accountability and no financial compensation. Did you know there is a law from 1986 that states we can never sue for medical malpractice against vaccines, ever? They are protected forever. I truly believe in my soul I will have a full recovery eventually, but others aren’t so lucky.

If you’re wondering why I don’t just get a medical exemption, it’s because medical exemptions are extremely hard to get. I don’t even begin to qualify because A) I’m still alive and will recover B) There is still no actual proof of what the vaccine did- because they still don’t know. God bless the doctors and scientists publicly speaking out about their hypotheses and scientific data, especially Dr. Been (check out his YouTube channel) and Dr. Malone (one of the scientists behind mRNA technology).

I love science. But that doesn’t mean we don’t get to question it. That’s actually, not science at all. I AM the science. I have reported to with absolutely no follow-up. I have spoken out, and have become an accidental advocate of sorts. No one cares. I should be in a lab somewhere. Oh, and by the way, it’s cost me 10k out of pocket, and countless pointless doctor appointments. Before the vaccine, I went to a doctor once a year for checkups.

I also understand that vaccines save lives. But in the age of black and white thinking, why can’t we also accept that they destroy them? There has never been a drug in the history of drugs that couldn’t accidentally kill you and produce long-term adverse side effects. Especially one that has no long-term data. I love data, I love facts, and again, I love science.

The character assassination of the “anti-vaxxer” has been the saddest thing I’ve seen in a while. We are so quick to label and judge. Can you blame someone for not wanting to be an experiment? I personally will never receive a vaccine again. If I had the proper medical care and team on my side that was working hard and diligently on why the vaccine malfunctioned in my body, I would consider it. But now my vaccine hesitancy is going to be turned onto me, like I’m the problem. I’ve already been called a murderer, a conspiracy theorist, and someone who lacks empathy. I find it highly ironic that those saying I lack empathy are the same ones gaslighting the hell out of me. This pandemic has never been about empathy, as I’ve been shunned, ridiculed, especially by my own people, the liberals. Man, do I really understand now why people are not fans of us. The close-mindedness is real. This whole experience has taught me to be more open-minded and non-judgmental. It also has me thinking less black and white, less “radical” (at least with some things).

The truth has always been important to me and here’s the truth about what’s been going on in the world:

Mandates are unethical and sociopathic.

Vaccine injuries are real and can happen to healthy people.

Big Pharma is not on your side.

The sooner we open ourselves up to these truths, as well as leave behind the black and white thinking, the better this world will become.

My heart goes out to everyone dealing with a vaccine injury, COVID and COVID long haulers, as well as the families that have lost people due to both circumstances. The enemy is the virus, always has been, and not each other.

Also, vaccine injuries don’t care what your political party is. I can tell you that much.

God bless!

My advocacy work includes working with the organization Real Not Rare. You can find them here:​​

You can find my personal story here:

I also follow updates and scientific news regarding the vaccine @ The High Wire:

Justine's Original Interview with Real Not Rare in November of 2021:

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

Thriving! Working a job, running a business I love. Light exercise every day, being able to juggle multiple projects at once. I’ve always been positive and excited about life. What I can say, I gained about 30 pounds in Covid, but was able to lose 18 pounds of that in the beginning of the year. I also wasn’t eating as well as I’d like to. But never had any health issues besides a couple years ago having a nutritional deficiency due to being an unhealthy vegetarian. But that’s it. Completely healthy.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I didn’t see a reaction until one full month after my second dose. This is why I didn’t immediately connect the vaccine. I remember I had a list of issues and adverse side effects of the vaccine was the second to last one. I just put it on the list for good measure, not really believing it myself. First weekend of June I started getting very dizzy and swaying on my morning walks. Then chronic headaches. By Monday my vision started to go and my speech started to slur, and that’s when I took myself to the ER. I thought I had a stroke or seizure. CAT scan came out fine and they suggested I see a neurologist. My first visit to the neurologist is when I started to really think it was the vaccine. They were asking lots of questions about it. Long story short, I ended up getting an MRI, EKG, EEG, and everything came back normal. My neurologist said it’s probably adverse long term side effects and it’ll just wear off. But to determine what exactly it was, I should get tested for heavy metals from my PCP. My PCP said now that we knew it was the vaccine, what exactly is it. He said it was either 3 options; 1. Test me for inflammation and see if the vaccine triggered an autoimmune disorder 2. Test for heavy metals and see if the vaccine leaked a heavy metal 3. If both tests come back fine, than it’s the vaccine just not agreeing with your body for whatever reasons, and it could have simply just broke the blood/brain barrier. Both tests came back negative. And his response was, he had no idea what to do.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

It has evolved in the last five months since the symptoms. I have experienced everything from extremely tight chest and jaw pin, rapid heart palpitations, intense migraines, ear pain, feeling like my head was going to explode out of my body, short term memory loss, losing time and forgetting who I am and where I’m going, a feeling of being brain dead and not being able to think deeply or critically, tightness in my head, slurred speech and loss of motor skills. Some days are good, some are not.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

No diagnosis except it’s been acknowledged by doctors that it’s the vaccine. A healthy 35 year old does not wake up one day and feel like they have Alzheimers. I have been working with a holistic doctor using homeopathy to help get better. As well as drastic changes in diet and added supplements.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

VAERS. No one has contacted me.

Q: Has anything helped, and have your symptoms improved?

I owe everything to David Wolfs vaccine protocol. Things from that include pine needle tea, dandelion root tea, zeolite, glutathione, and much more. Homeopathy is also what’s been helping me. As well as PEMF devices and ozone therapy. Saunas and sunlight too.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

That vaccine injuries are real and are more frequently occurring than we think.


Real Not Rare does not diagnose medical conditions, offer treatment advice, treat illnesses, or prescribe medicine or drugs. Anything contained on this website or conveyed in the blog stories or groups, is not substitute for adequate medical care, diagnosis, and/or treatment from a medical doctor. It is strongly recommended that prior to acting upon any information gleaned via Real Not Rare or their representatives, you at all times first consult a physician. The views and opinions expressed are those of the individual being interviewed in each story, and do not necessarily reflect the position of Real, Not Rare as a whole.



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Joe Serianz

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