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Emma Einhorn

First Dose of Pfizer on 11/16/21 Lot #FH8028


UPDATE ON 06/30/22:

I was vaccinated the end of November of the year 2021. By March 2, 2022 I had Covid. I had not had Covid since the first week in March 2020. So I escaped catching Covid this entire time but the second I got vaccinated I felt like I had Covid and then I contracted Covid the very thing that the vaccine was supposed to prevent. And for all those people that say this way I got less sick… No the opposite was true. I have Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and I also have complex regional pain syndrome, postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome, MCAS, the list goes on. I felt like I had Covid for about a month after I got vaccinated and then I got Covid and I still feel like I have Covid and it’s June of the year 2022. I’m going to see a neurologist to try to find help.

Original Interview on 02/15/22:

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I had just recovered from long Covid. Within 3 minutes of vaccination I began to feel unwell

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I had a fever for four weeks increased muscle aches, week six I noticed lymphedema. As of week eight my D dimer levels still have not normalized.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

Frustrating, painful and scary.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I’ve seen my doctor weekly and we’re doing twice a week d-dimer testing. I had an ultrasound done on my legs.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

VAERS. No response.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Low-dose naltrexone, vitamin C, magnesium, a plethora of other supplements and a leg inflator.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

There is no other vaccine in the history of time where they need to bribe you to get it done. Also a vaccine should actually prevent transmission and this one does a crappy job of that. It’s true some people will die as a result of Covid but this vaccine is not innocent and it will continue to cause you issues for an extended period of time if you’re one of the people that reacts. I have a connective tissue disease but that was well-maintained until this vaccine. I am now more tired than I’ve ever been before. I only had one injection and I wish I had had zero. I already had Covid once and having Covid was easier than this.

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