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Elizabeth Bollenbacher, ICU Doctor

First Dose of Pfizer on 12/16/20 Lot #EH9899

Second Dose of Pfizer on 01/06/21 Lot #EL3246

From New Jersey

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I had normal hearing. I loved listening to music all day long; all kinds depending on my mood. I had work out pain, but no random pain. I loved to go to work and socialize.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

In February, I had an unprovoked nose bleed. I stood up and blood started pouring out. In March, I filled the toilet bowl with bloody urine once. There was a twinge of pain. I took Bactrim for a presumed urinary tract infection although I never had one before. In April, I went suddenly deaf. A few days later I bled into the white part of my eye. It was then that I thought - VACCINE.

Q: What is your life like now, after getting the vaccine?

I am deaf in my left ear and have tinnitus in both ears. I have random ear pain in and around my ears. Loud sounds, ear buds, and over the ear headphones hurt my ears. Talking too much hurts my ears and throat. I feel like my skull is sore at times in different areas. I took leave from work to rest and heal my ears. I feel like everyone is yelling and I didn't think it was good for my good ear.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

Diagnoses: Severe Sensorineural hearing loss left ear, Bilateral Tinnitus, TMJ

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

VAERS. Surprisingly, I was told it was likely vaccine related if I had no ear issues prior.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

I took steroids oral and intratympanic, hyperbaric oxygen treatments, ivermectin, azithromycin, vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, Quercetin, Aspirin, and doxycycline. My hearing went from profound to almost moderately severe. I got CROS hearing aids which I rarely wear because they bother my ears. I wear ear plugs and over the ear head phones for short periods of time when outside the house.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

I am an ICU doctor, so I had to take the vaccine. I was so high risk. In the end, it wasn't worth it for me. I too am very disappointed in some of my doctors and colleagues that are unwilling to accept that the vaccines have side effects.


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Jul 15, 2022

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