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Devin Russell

Covid-19 Long Hauler since March 14, 2020

Long Island, New York

Real Not Rare has partnered with Devin Russell, a podcaster, to present video interviews of the vaccine injured and covid long haulers. He will be interviewing the vaccine injured and we will post it right here on the Real Not Rare Website. Each video will also be posted under the injured's blog story, making sharing easy! Videos will also be posted on Devin's website .

CC Podcast Episode 1 - Introduction

Download PDF • 90KB


Since March 14th of 2020 I’ve painstakingly suffered with what has been coined as Long Haul Covid (LHC). Throughout that period of time I’ve spoken to many others dealing with a similar plight as me, while at the same time researching the virus to try to figure out how to get myself and others well. This has given me a deep perspective regarding Covid-19. On top of that, previously to contracting Covid, I managed an alternative wellness center & integrative medical practice that focused mainly on the chronically ill. I had also suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease and coinfections.

Due to my prior experience, and all I’ve tried in terms of various treatments, I felt compelled to create a website in order to discuss Covid, the vaccine, provide experiences, disseminate information on the topic, and try to help others dealing with the same predicament as myself. Long Haul Covid is a miserable, unrelenting, and terrifying affliction with many unknowns surrounding it. Enduring Long Haul Covid (LHC) is tough enough, but many have been basically castaway by medical professionals, family and friends … and in many other ways, making this illness all the more difficult. So many need help with Covid or Covid Vaccine injuries that many are simply not getting.

I hope my work will be supportive for anyone anguishing with illness during this pandemic.

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