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Anthony Sanchelli, Construction Company Owner

First Dose of Pfizer on 04/25/21 Lot #EW0170

Second Dose of Pfizer on 05/16/21 Lot #EW0182

San Francisco, California

Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I run a small construction company working alongside my guys in the trades doing high end remodels in the City. Play in the mud, eat sawdust, you know...

Weekends I lived the bicycle lifestyle with my kids. We rode to the beach to setup our portable bbq and grill steaks or we took a tour of the city's playgrounds by bike stopping to play as we like. I was planning a bike camping trip where the girls ride on the back of the family bike with all our gear strapped to it and I pedal us out of our garage to somewhere in Marin to set up tent. Coming back I don't know how we'd make it since the battery will die on the trip up.

When I was being my best self, I was riding out to Marin and coming back into San Francisco to do laps around the city riding up the steepest hills, one after another, like 24th street/Grandview, then bombing down the other side. It was my favorite way to spend 5 hours. (I had my dream bike built for it, which I traded a car for. I asked the guy who built it to make it fast as hell but I still wanna be riding it when I'm 80, God willing. Shout out to Hunt! If it was a Bike Party night, I would ride out at 5pm, Friday night with my 'party kit', meet up with friends, party all night on our bikes and be home by sunrise.

Through no doing of my own, I was blessed with perfect health since birth. I have, however nurtured my body over the years, by eating conscientiously and doing a job in which I was physically and mentally active.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

First jab, I was over it in 3 days. Second jab was the one that wrecked my life. It took away my soul, my will to live, and left me a shell, barely able to function as a human being.

I will expound:


I was bed bound, tired with mild fever.


Fever is intermittent, heavy fatigue sets in, headaches come, burning sensation in face.


Chest pain begins on top of all other symptoms. I call Dr. and take covid test which is negative (all prior negative). 15 Blood tests and EKG show perfect health. Dr. says it's in my head.


Pressure in head with brain fog (damn foreshadowing), light sensitivity layered on top of other symptoms. Depression, fear, anxiety, suicidal thoughts start to creep into my mind but I eventually learn to take pain meds when the chest pain and all the other symptoms become too much to handle.

Months 2-6:

The chest pain has faded to background. Burning sensation in the brain has started, with vision distortion, headaches. Any physical activity such as walking, stairs, lifting causes an immediate flare up of extreme fatigue and burning in the brain and chest pain. Also heart rate shoots up and pounds heavily. Loud noise, driving, being around my family, eating anything, sleeping less than 8 hours, stupid people, all cause immediate and short term flare ups. No improvement whatsoever, just a fluctuating intensity of debilitating symptom carousel.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

Well that's a good question now isn't it?

I Work part time on the job site, unable to perform most tasks without assistance. I move like a sloth, I'm in the way of the guys moving quickly, I walk back and forth forgetting things. I can't solve puzzles at work and my thinking capacity is diminished. I would estimate an IQ drop of at least 10 points, commensurate with what's seen in long covid. The guys are strained because they're picking up my load. I've passed up or postponed $861k of construction work IN SIX MONTHS which is the best climate for work that I have ever seen. I was unemployed for a year during the lockdowns, so I took loans to stay afloat. I tell my clients that I will not accept their project until my team and I can perform at 100%. Everyone is gracious and some even pledge to wait for my recovery. I'm supposed to be prepping for retirement and kids' college, but I'm sidelined.

Frankly, it's embarrassing to be on a job site. I look normal to everyone but I work like I'm 80 years old (no offense to our elderly peeps, I hold you in the highest esteem). I'm embarrassed at who I've become. The sickness has defined who I am.

I spend about an hour a day working on my medical care; following up with Dr's, researching, trying to figure out whats wrong and how I can fix it. I stopped all exercise which means I can't do my favorite thing in the whole world, ride my bike. It's what I did to wipe my slate clean, the time alone pushing my heart, my mental endurance, my pain tolerance to the limit on the bike gave me perspective on my life, on my direction. It helped me love and miss my family. It was my connection to the world, gliding through neighborhoods, seeing friends, making new ones.

I can't even take my kids out to play, hell I only leave the basement flat where I've moved to isolate myself from the stimulation of having 3 kids, 3 cats, a dog, a fishbowl and all the fun of a family, to drive to work.

I tried to cry at nights early on when it first set upon me that I'm now chronically ill, with an indeterminate disease, but it caused a flare up so I stopped doing it. I plod along, with no regrets for my past decisions, or any hope of a future, living each moment paying attention not to jar my heart rate or brain pain.

When I discovered (Reddit) there are others like me, it changed everything. In fact, I was humbled by the discovery that other people were suffering with much worse vaccine injury and still clinging to life. Sometimes I could see the stage they were in, because I had been through it. I prayed for them in my mind when they spoke about suicide. The only stage I did not see was full recovery. Nobody.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

Umm, CDC, NIH, the President, doesn't give a S**t about us. I reported right away to VAERS, but who's sifting through that? One guy in a basement at the CDC? I believe the scientific and decent thing to do is to collect data about who, when, how many, how bad, in order to figure out why people are getting injured by the vaccines. I think I learned that in high school lab science. Then make improvements to minimize the negative effects while treating those who are sick by disseminating knowledge through the medical system.

Instead what we have is the brainwashing of otherwise high functioning individuals in the medical field, and the casual incompetence and cowardice of government officials in speaking truthfully to the public about the covid vaccine.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

Nothing I have tried helps. Diet, supplements, nada. No improvement in six months.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

If I had known this could happen to me, I would have been fine wearing a N95 mask around others indefinitely.

Oh and my Dr's say that though they don't know the cause of my vaccine injury, it parallels long covid which has been seen to run in families. School vaccine mandates for my children, they can F**k OFF A**h*les!

On a nicer note, I don't blame anyone for what's happened, it was a bad hand so to speak, I'm grateful to still be alive, sometimes after a hard night, I'm even a little surprised to wake up the next day.

In the words of Kyle Warner, my cycling & vaccine injury hero, "All I want is for this country to have an honest discussion about what's happening."



Thank you all for your love and concern. -Anthony


best wishes for a better future...


I pray for you my friend in Jesus name. I have heard ivm might help. I took ivermectin w my wife after getting covid. Age 52 healthy. Covid was tough but Ivermectin was stronger and knocked it out in 5 days. So maybe it can help you too.







Tanea Kemp
Tanea Kemp
Dec 10, 2021

Hello Anthony I am so sorry that you went through that and that you were still suffering from this jab this is terrible nobody should have to suffer like that at all😞 Praying that you fully recover because remember God is our healer before any doctor.