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Amy Fosser, Xray Tech

First Dose of Pfizer on 8/27/21

Lot# EW0217


Q: What was your life like before you got the vaccine?

I am a seasoned xray tech specialist in Mammography. I had a wonderful career. I enjoyed gardening, outdoor activities, baking, candle making and soap making, taking care of two wonderful children, a softball mom. Going to softball games, plays, music festivals. I was currently on biweekly IGG infusion treatment for chronic lyme I got in 2017 that caused hypogammaglobulinemia an immune deficiency disorder. I was still healthy and active.

Q: What was your reaction, symptoms, & timeline?

I was given the ultimatum no Vax meant no job. I ultimately gave in due to financial reasons and two children to care for. I have not been able to work since August 29 2021. Less than 48 hours since the vaccine my symptoms have worsen. It started with brain fog and minor neurological issues including difficulty walking. Slowly my symptoms grew more concerning with burning in both hands and feet, legs feeling disconnected, chronic fatigue, loss of balance, pins/needles stabbing throughout my body and face, and blurry vision. By September 9th I developed tremors, tachycardia, GI upset, bilateral tinnitus (unending tinnitus). Along with other symptoms, I have face tingling, internal vibrations, muscle spasms/weakness, and constant aching in my extremities. I have confusion, neuropathy in toes and fingers, slurred speech. My symptoms have only worsen and I went from cane assistance to a walker just to ambulate. I am not able to drive currently.

Q: What was your life like after you got the vaccine?

My life has become a state of constant pain and confusion. This is such a financial burden. I have spent thousands on medical care so far, for a condition I obtained through no fault of mine. Pharma is making more money off of me after they caused my injury. It's a difficult time with minimal recognition. I am struggling to care for my children and my career is obsolete at this time. I am not only suffering physically but emotionally as well. This is a confusing and awfully painful result from the forced covid vaccine. My children and family suffer as well. They miss the fun active mom they once had. They worry if mom will get worse, if she will die. I assure them that I will not let it happen. I miss being able to do my hobbies. I miss traveling to my daughters softball games. I feel worthless and broken.

Q: Share your experience with any medical care and any diagnoses you have received:

I have been to several healthcare appointments. 4 were to the local emergency room. The ER was very dismissive. My fourth visit, they left me in full tremors, tachycardia, chest pain and high BP for 6 and half hours in a wheelchair in the waiting room. They never checked in on me again in that time, not even for more vitals or another EKG. None of the healthcare professionals have been able to help me and all have referred me to Neurology. Even with their recognition and diagnosis of covid 19 vaccine adverse reaction, they didn't even try to understand it. I have had to advocate for every appointment, every test and have been denied tests without reason. I have been to two Neurologist so far. The first one refused any testing stating he was perplexed and could only help by masking my symptoms. His exact wording. When asked at the beginning of my visit when I acquired all these issues I made my testimony after I received the covid vaccine. Myself and fiance watched his entire demeanor shift to annoyance. I mentioned to him that my Immunologist (who currently runs a vaccine injury clinic) would like a skin punch biopsy done in order to have a diagnosis to start a high dose IVIG therapy. He refused. He stated that the biopsy wouldn't help him personally. I was confused, it wasn't for him, it was to be done for me so I could begin treatment. I felt defeated. I went to Worcester Neurology, they seemed a little more eager to assist. However, again, dismissed my covid vaccine reaction even with all the documentation and diagnosis. I have pending appointments for EEG, EMG, Brain and Neck MRI with and without contrast, skin punch, sleep study, physical therapy. Every test is has been booked so far out. I don't get to have my EEG, EMG until February! They haven't even booked my MRI, sleep study, skin punch yet. I've been waiting almost 3 weeks!!! I was told I was an urgent case, obviously that was a lie. Not one physician is advocating for me. Just tells me what I need from this specialist and that specialist but leaves it there and makes me wait. I understand waiting a week or two....but months!!! I have only been diagnosed with adverse reaction to covid 19 vaccine, Peripheral Neuropathy and fall risk. Lab work has been normal except high homocysteine levels, which my Immunologist stated it is an inflammation marker, hence his need for the skin punch.

Q: Was your reaction reported, and what was the response?

I have a Vaers case 166182, CDC, and Pfizer all reported to. Pfizer sent me a packet to fill out after I contacted one of their pharmacists in September. I never heard from them again. CDC has also stopped contact with me. I called Vaers twice to update my case when I would have a new diagnosis and new symptoms, they took all my information. I went into my case, November 5 2021, it has not been updated. Everything is the same from September 2 2021 when I filed it. I have reached out to Massachusetts Senators, HHA, Legislators, NIH, and Media. All have ignored me.

Q: Is there anything that has helped, and have your symptoms improved?

I tried prescriptions of medrol (steriod), propranolol hcl, gabapentin, cromolyn sodium I also tried supplements vit d3, vit b12, zinc, vit C and activated charcoal. I have not seen improvement in most of my symptoms, the tremors have had a small improvement and get bad when I am actively doing something. The best defense I have at this time is my faith in God.

Q: What do you wish others knew?

That this is so unsafe. Your better off without it. It has killed so many people. It has injured an obscene amount of people and counting. Lose the job, refuse the jab. It isn't worth it. I am a case among thousands that have been silenced and ignored by government and fake media. There is no reason to ban the injured. We are forgotten, abandoned and shamed. This is the emotional anguish that is hardest to deal with, not to be heard, told to shut up, forced to be hidden. This is unacceptable and inhumane. I was hung up on by Governor Charlie Baker assistant Pablo when I was questioning whether the Governor was aware of all the vaccinated injuries from the covid 19 vaccine. I was calm and well toned and did not deserve that. They just don't want to hear us. This is outrageous. We are being told that we injured are spreading misinformation. HOW? To all those whom are accomplises in this forced ultimatum, shame on them. They are not protecting anyone, and they do more harm. They are liars and thieves. Stealing innocent people's livelihood, leaving families in financial and emotional ruin. Trust the science they say. My injury is part of the science. Thousands of my vaccine injured warriors are part of the science.


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Membro desconhecido
10 de mai. de 2022

Really sorry to hear about your terrible injuries resulting from being forced to take the poison jab.

Please don't ever blame yourself for taking it, the pressure they put us all under was immense. On this side of the pond they even wheeled out the Queen who told us "not to be selfish and take the jab". Oh, the irony of the richest woman in the world calling us selfish!


You are very brave Thank you for sharing your story.

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